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Help Make the Magic Happen on Opening and Closing Days!

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One of the best days of the year is Opening Day at Greystone! Just like when you were a camper or counselor, the excitement of the day feels like Christmas morning as hundreds of girls finally arrive for their long-awaited time at camp. Along with that, Closing Day is one of the saddest days of the year (as our campers are leaving!), but it is also a day filled with much joy as campers and families reunite after weeks apart.

With the change in our routines after the summer of 2020, parents no longer walk up to the cabin to unpack their daughter and instead drop camper and luggage at the soccer field. With this change, we still want the welcome experience to be over-the-top fantastic, and to pull this off, we need an entire army of smiling, engaged staff to welcome our campers and parents.

Who has jumped in and filled that role with gusto? Our alumnae, of course!

We welcomed over 100 alumnae and parents back to camp over the course of our 2023 summer to help with our Opening and Closing Days. Many of our alumnae came with other camp friends, making a mini reunion out of it.

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Alum Perspective on Working

Read up on what some of these alums had to say about their experience:

“You are instantly brought back into the Greystone bubble for a few hours. I do not think I stopped smiling the entire morning! Reconnecting (if even for a minute in some cases) with Greystone girls from all different times of your life is incredibly special. I even got to give the biggest hug to my counselor from my Senior Senior summer who was bringing her daughter to camp.” - Mary Ladd

“Working Opening and Closing day was such a special way to be back at Greystone during the summer and spend time with old camp friends and alumnae! One of the best parts was getting to laugh and reminisce with old friends while walking on the Lower Road or sitting on the Pageant Court. While we try to keep in touch with camp friends over the phone etc., nothing will ever beat being at camp together. It really was such a unique opportunity to reconnect with Greystone alumnae and spend time together enjoying all the many blessings that camp has to offer!” - Lucy Banks

“It was an easy ‘yes’ when Sarah reached out for alumnae to help with Opening and Closing days. From greeting first time campers (who were caught between being a tad nervous and over the top excited), to opening the door for 10-year Senior Seniors (who barrel out of the car to hug their friends), helping with Opening Day is pure joy! Another joy was getting to see so many other alumni and past counselors who come back to help and also drop their own campers off. What could be more fun than unloading trunks with Bill Taylor or waving cars along with Kelly Carew? I also loved getting a glimpse of what Opening and Closing day would be like as I prepared to drop my own daughter off for her first summer. I knew she would be in good hands, but it was reassuring to see how smooth and thoughtful things are behind the scenes.” - Jan Scott

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Come join us!

We would love for you to join us for one of our Opening or Closing Days this summer. We are looking for help during our June, Main, and August sessions, and you can see the dates for our Opening and Closing Days on our website.

We will assign you to a specific position for the day, such as greeting cars as they arrive, waving to families as they pull in the gates, walking campers to our check-in area, or directing parents to the cabin area on Closing Day. We are looking for energetic alumnae who can be on their feet for 3-4 hours and who understand that they could be working in rain or even lots of sun. And, most important, we want alums who can smile and stay upbeat for the entire morning, making our families feel so welcome at camp.

This is a volunteer position, but never fear - you’ll get a Greystone t-shirt out of it! We don’t have housing at camp, but many alums drive in the morning they are working or stay with friends near camp (or check out some local places to stay - make a vacation out of it!). And, as a perk of volunteering, you are also welcome to walk around camp during the weekend between sessions; you can sit in the white chairs by the lake, walk on the River Trail, or even enjoy a game of Pickleball!

Sign Up Today!

If you are interested, even if you don’t know your dates, go ahead and fill out our interest form for the summer. We will reach out about a month prior to the day you’ve signed up to work to find out if you can still make it.

Have questions? If you have questions in the meantime, let know. She can explain about how Opening or Closing Days work.

We hope to see you this summer!