23 Camp Moments We’re Excited for This Year

Happy 2023, Greystone Girls! And even more excitingly, we can finally say “happy camp year” again. Here in Tuxedo, we are always anticipating the next summer, but once the new year hits, it feels like the countdown is officially on.

Are you counting every hour too? If so, you’re our kind of people and we know that you could create you own list of the (many, many) camp things you’re excited for this year. We’ll go first!

We could keep going for a hundred more things, so we know we may have skipped your favorite moment. If so, tell us the thing that you are excited for in the comments below and we’ll start anticipating it right alongside of you!

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  1. The first cars coming through the gates on Opening Day of each session. We always tear up a bit - there’s just no better moment because those cars mean that it is finally happening!
  2. Having all of our staff together for the first time at Orientation. We’ve spent lots of time with each of them on Facetime and Zoom meetings this year, but Orientation will be the first time they officially meet each other in person and we can finally celebrate all the good the Lord has done gathering the group together.
  3. Welcoming our 2023 new campers to Greystone. Hi! Are any of you reading this? We have been anticipating your arrival since you registered, and the year is finally here! We can’t wait to see you become a part of our community.
  4. Our 2023 Alumnae Great Day Reunion Weekend. We announced it in the Alumnae Sparks, and we can’t wait to welcome alums back to Tuxedo for this simple but sweet weekend. Save the date!
  5. Seeing the Council Fire renovations complete. We’ve shared some sneak peeks along the way and gave you more details in this Alumnae Sparks article, but this work has been years in the making and we can’t wait to see campers in the refreshed space this summer.
  6. Eating our first piece of Greystone bread. Really, smelling it wafting through camp could be its own category! Even for people who have been around camp for many years, this never gets old.
  7. Walking around camp during the first day of classes. Hear us out - this moment is magic! Campers are settled and happy, counselors are engaged and confident. This is the moment that it feels like “we’re finally here! It’s happening!”
  8. Lip Syncs from all sessions. Speaking of things that never get old, we would watch Lip Syncs all day long! Seeing cabins come together to perform something great and - even more so - dancing off stage giggling and all talking at the same time is just the best
  9. Apple Cart and Watermelon table every day. Who doesn’t dream of having cold, fresh fruit on hot summer days? That sounds just about perfect right now!
  10. Team competitions. Who is going to take Smoky the Bear to their cabin? Who will get their name on the Dining Hall banners? Only this summer will tell!
  11. The Mini Talent Shows. If you’ve ever seen these, you know that they are a treat and are truly “better than tv” as we say here at camp. So start practicing, campers; we can’t wait to cheer you on!
  12. Banquet reveals times four. That moment when we’re all waiting at the Flag pole and waiting for the big theme to be announced is totally delicious. What do you think our Banquet themes will be this summer?
  13. Seeing our Dog Camp puppies for the first time. You better believe that we all make a visit to Dog Camp on the day they arrive!
  14. Revealing some new classes and Evening Programs for summer 2023! We can’t say more than that right now, but we can promise that we have some great plans in the works that you are going to love.
  15. Finding out who our Carnival dance contest winners are going to be. Camper and staff - these are some of the most prestigious titles in camp. Start practicing your best moves, y’all!
  16. That moment when a camper passes the highest level in her class or wins a tournament and the whole Dining Hall goes crazy. Celebrating our campers’ accomplishments is one of our favorite things in the world.
  17. Speaking of… Dining Hall dance parties! Every year they just get a little more epic. When you combine them with a theme meal, that’s even better.
  18. Rainy days. Yes, really! One of the sweetest things about Greystone is that things that can be a bummer in the real world are a blessing here. Rainy days bring Ultimate Foam, splashing in puddles, and dance parties outside.
  19. Rainy day Rest Hours. Because yes, they deserve their own line! Especially when the rain comes in during Rest Hour, you hear Perry (our lightning detection system) blow, and you think Rest Hour may be extended. Bliss!
  20. DMCs in the white chairs, and on the dock, and on the benches… and anywhere else at camp you can imagine! It may be hard to believe, but we don’t spend our years having DMCs all around camp. Just another reason why the summer is so special!
  21. The Counselor Talent Show. We’re so ready to see a new group of counselors bring back old favorites and come up with some fresh new skits. The funnier and less “real” talent, the better!
  22. Seeing what quirky, crazy parts of camp come alive this year. In the past we’ve all been obsessed with tadpoles and broom weddings, but what will 2023 bring? Every year we’re surprised and delighted!
  23. Most of all… seeing YOU! We say it all the time and it still rings true. Camp is just a pretty place without the people, and we may be biased, but we think you are the best people around. So here’s to being back together in 2023. It will be worth the wait!