Medicines at Camp - New Camper Blog Series

Hello new campers! Welcome back for another week of our New Camper blog series. If you’re just now joining us, make sure to catch up on our past few articles from this year (especially the 2 recent blogs from current camp moms giving advice on how to prepare for camp; you can find them here and here.)

This week we are diving into an important topic: medications at camp. We explain in great detail about how we handle medicines on our website and in our Parent Handbook. You can read up on what you need to do with your daughter’s specific medications before the summer. (Make sure to check out this information soon so you’re ready for the summer.) But for today, we are going to dive into a few more details about medications so you know the inside scoop.

First, an overview…every summer, we work hard to keep our community healthy and safe so that we can have a fun and enjoyable summer. One of the behind the scenes ways of doing this is making sure our campers receive their medications when they are supposed to receive them. Believe it or not, we have a LOT of campers who bring medications to camp, so keeping all of the medicines organized is a BIG deal to us, and we have a great system in place!

Here’s what you need to know:

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Handing out Medicine:

First thing to know, there are specific medication distribution plans set in place for summer camps, and we follow those at Greystone. It involves a very detailed system that ensures we know who we are giving medicine to, that it is accurately given, and that it is then marked off in our system once a camper has taken her medications. This is a long way of saying that we’ve got a system in place!

Keeping it simple:

If there is anything we would ask of you it would be to keep it simple! We ask that you only send in medications that are absolutely necessary for your daughter to take during the summer. Sending in only the necessary medications also makes it easier on your daughter; no camper likes waiting multiple times during the day for her medications if she can help it!

We’ve got the basics:

We have a stocked Health Hut that looks like a mini pharmacy (not kidding!). If your camper needs any basic over-the-counter medications, there is a good chance we already have them. (And, If we don’t have them, we’ll go get them!) So no need to send in things like Tylenol, Pepto, Miralax, or other over-the-counter medications (unless your daughter will need to take these daily). We’ve got you (and your daughter!) covered already.

Talk before arrival:

Before camp, talk to your daughter about her medication plan. What will she be taking and when? If she knows the plan, your camper will feel much more confident when she arrives. We will make sure she doesn’t miss any of her medications, but talking ahead of time will go a long way.

Getting your medications ready:

As mentioned above, we have so much information in our Parent Handbook and on our website about all of the different types of medications you can bring to camp, so make sure you read up on all of the details. Here are the 3 biggest things to know:

  1. If your camper is going to need medicine while she is at camp, make sure you enter the medication and correct dosage on your online Health Form (this is the form that you as a parent fill out). Our nurses will use this information to distribute the medication through our online system, so it needs to match what you’re bringing. Help us by making sure everything is entered correctly and is updated (and if you’re a returning family reading this, make sure it’s updated if there have been changes since last year). Also, don’t forget to update the form if anything changes between when camp begins and when you filled out the form this spring!
  2. If your daughter has a medication that needs to be given every day, please make sure that your doctor has sent this prescription to Whitley Drugs (our local pharmacy). You can find information on how to do this in your online forms (find the Pharmacy Form to read all of the instructions). Whitley’s can answer any questions or concerns you may have about how this will work with your particular medication.
  3. If you are bringing a medication for your daughter that she will only take as needed (like migraine medicine), make sure to follow the instructions on the As Needed Medication Form found in your online forms. You’ll be all set for Opening Day!
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We will take great care of your daughter this summer! One of the best parts of being a 103-year-old camp is that we have had many, many years of medicine experience under our belts; we will have everything organized and ready for your daughter to arrive!

If you do have any questions about medications, we’d love to answer those before your daughter arrives. Whitley Drugs (our local pharmacy) can answer any specific questions regarding daily medications your daughter may need while she is at camp (; 828-692-4236). However, if you have any general questions about our medication policy or system, please reach out to our Health Director, Dr. Margaret Miller (; 828-693-3182), and she will be happy to help!

Until next week!