Christmas List to Packing List: Our Best Gift Ideas

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We love gift-giving here at Greystone (we’re even doing our own office secret Santa exchange next week!).

We think it matters, and not just because it’s a fun, festive way to show your friends and family that you care! When we give gifts, we practice generosity and mirror our Savior, the giver of all good things.

We also love a gift guide, and you can check out our guides from 2021 and 2020 here - we stand by all these ideas today! Stay tuned later this week for ideas for games to give specifically.

Today we’re taking that gift guide one step further by thinking ahead: what gifts can you give or receive this season that will prepare you for camp next summer? Packing may feel very far away right now, but you’ll be pulling out that duffel bag before you know it. Why not hack your Christmas list to help your packing list?

We’re getting you started with some of our favorite ideas and items below, but we know that this is only the beginning!

What are your favorite giftable items that make their way into your trunk each year? Comment them below to share with our community!

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Packing List Necessities:

  • You can’t come to camp without a great water bottle! You’ll carry it everywhere this summer, so make sure it’s one you love. Nalgenes are timeless, Owalas are trendy, and we also love insulated bottles like Hydroflasks to keep water colder for longer. Pro tip: wide-mouth bottles are best to fill up at the ice huts!
  • Set her up for days at Lake Edith or at the pool with a new swimsuit or towel. This Blog post has more suggestions on some of our favorite places to find one-pieces!
  • A great bag will take her from school year to camp classes and everywhere in between. Kavu bags are always popular, but anything that will fit a change of clothes, her water bottle, and maybe a book will do, so look for something that fits her style!
  • Get her ready for mountain weather with a new sweatshirt, raincoat, or rain boots. We also love the idea of a cozy blanket for the end of her bunk!
  • The holidays are a great time to refresh her stock of stationery, get her a new watch, or size up in her favorite camp shoes like Tevas or Chacos.
  • Don’t forget the stocking stuffers! Small items like flashlights, green and gold accessories, or a fan for her bunk will get her excited for the summer ahead.
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Fun Extras:

  • This could be a great time to get a Crazy Creek! Campers love them for sitting on the Pageant Court and around the cabin.
  • Think ahead to what her favorite Rest Hour activities might be (though saving them for camp might be hard!). Help her set up her bunk with a cozy pillow for snuggling up.
  • Costumes are never wasted at camp! Add a new one to her collection to bring with her this summer. The crazier, the better!
  • No matter if she puts them on her water bottle or trunk, stickers are huge at camp! Not sure what to get? Think about her favorite bands, tv shows, or brands. Etsy has lots of great options too!
  • Experiences are the best gifts, so why not give her a gift card for a “get ready for camp day” with you in the spring? You can shop that packing list, brainstorm what activities she wants to take, and dream about the summer together.

Looking for more ideas? Our packing norms page will give you a good sense of what many campers bring, and our new camper blog series has covered packing in all kinds of different ways! Our Parent Facebook page would also be a great place to ask seasoned Greystone parents for their tips and ideas about gifting for the packing list.

Happy gifting and receiving, Greystone Girls!

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