Mini Contest: Contribute to the Spring Sparks Magazine!

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Any Greystone Girl will tell you that there’s no better mail day than Sparks mail day! There’s something about flipping through the articles, looking for your friends in pictures, and seeing what summer sneak peeks you can find in the pages that gives you that camp-feeling no matter where in the world you call home.

Our next edition will be out in the world before you know it, and for the first time ever, we’ll be asking one of you to help us create it. That’s right, we’re launching a series of mini-contests this spring, and first up is your chance to feel famous and contribute to the spring Sparks! We want to make every Sparks the best one yet, and this time YOU are going to help us do that.

What could that look like, you ask? Pretty much anything you want! You could…

  • Host an advice column for new campers.
  • Rank the best Rest Hour activites.
  • Pen an open letter to your penpal or future counselor.
  • Draw out a new Breakfast Club joke you’re hoping Jimboy will tell.
  • Interview your favorite Director or camp dog.
  • Show off your favorite camp pictures, and tell everyone why you love them.
  • And so much more! You can submit any idea you like that you think would be fun for our future Sparks.
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The details:

  • This contest is open to all 2022 enrolled campers.
  • Enter by filling out this form! You’ll tell us all about yourself and what your idea for the Sparks would be. Be as detailed as possible.
  • All entries are due by Friday, February 11th, and we will contact the winner after that. Everyone can look for the Sparks in their mailboxes this spring!

So there you have it, campers! Don’t wait - hop on over and submit your idea for the Sparks today. We can’t wait to make you Sparks Famous!

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