Introducing Our New Building: The Fort!

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We have been working on something (a BIG something) behind the scenes for months now, and we can finally reveal it to you: we have a brand new building to unveil for this summer!

Introducing The Four Fold Court aka “The Fort.”

As we announced today to our families, The Fort will serve as our Dining Hall for this summer, allowing our ENTIRE community to eat in the open air, with some of the best views in camp! That’s how big this building is - it has room for every cabin to have their own table, socially distant from the cabins around them… with some room to spare. To give you a little more context, you could fit 4 Pavilions inside the Fort!

The Fort is located in a prime camp location - right on top of where Riding Ring 1 used to be, in front of the track and just down the hill from the Pavilion. Sitting in there, you’ll get incredible breezes off the lake and uninterrupted mountain views - it is dreamy!

The Fort will serve a special purpose this summer, but we are excited to use it for years to come as a covered gym for Basketball, Volleyball, and Pickleball courts. A covered gym has been on our wish list for years, and COVID gave us the perfect excuse to make it happen!

Want a few fun facts about this crazy cool new building?

  • It is 19,200 square feet… larger than the Dining Hall, Pavilion, and Gym combined!
  • It took 600 Cubic Yards of concrete to build - enough to cover 2 football fields in 2 inches of concrete.
  • We almost didn’t get it in time! Several contractors said they could not get the metal delivered before the summer.
  • Construction began on January 25, four weeks delayed due to permitting and weather problems and it will be finished May 15th.
  • It will have a killer sound system and great lighting - ready for all kinds of fun events and Evening Programs!
  • It looks a lot like the Pavilion - we copied the two roof design.
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As with everything around camp, the best part about this new building isn’t actually the building - it’s the space it creates for memories to happen inside. We can’t wait for it to be filled with singing, laughter, and Oreo Cream Pie this summer, and lots of games and gatherings for years into the future.

We know this building is going to beloved by many generations of Greystone Girls, and we can’t wait for you to see it for the first time on Opening Day!