Parent Blog: Communication from Camp - New Camper Blog Series

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Hi, we are the Cains from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we have two Greystone girls. Charlotte, our oldest, attended for five years and will hopefully return one day soon as a Greystone counselor. Summer 2021 will be our younger daughter Caroline’s fifth year at Main Camp. Originally, when we first registered for Greystone, we had our daughters scheduled to attend June Camp for their first summer, but due to a family wedding, we moved them straight to Main Camp. We were a bit nervous jumping right in to five weeks, but with the help of the Greystone staff and fellow campers, we had everything we needed to know.

The first place to start is Sparks (for campers) and the Parent Handbook (for parents) that everyone receives by mail. Sparks informs and excites the campers about fun events and tips to know before arriving at camp. The Parent Handbook answers 99% of the questions you probably have. It covers packing, Opening Day, Closing Day, and everything in between.

If Sparks doesn’t answer all of your questions, reach out to a fellow camper or your Penpal to help you out. As we were packing for our first year, we were uncertain what the tradition and event items were for and why you needed dress up costumes. The girls connected with their Penpals who not only answered our questions, but also became new friends that they looked forward to meeting on Opening Day.

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For new campers and parents, communication is always a big concern. Have no worries though, camp does an amazing job! They not only take hundreds of pictures daily assuring you the girls are having a blast, but they also write letters as well. Each Sunday evening, the “meal ticket” is a letter home from your camper detailing the fun the girls have had that week. This year scanning these letters will make communication a breeze! No matter the circumstances, Greystone does a wonderful job of keeping you informed.

During our younger daughter Caroline’s first summer at camp, she ended up sick in the Health Hut. As a parent this is your worst nightmare, because you want to be there with your child. However, Dr. Margaret and her staff comforted us by continuously giving us updates on her progress until she was back with her cabin having fun.

Jumping into Main Camp (or any session!) at Greystone is so easy. The staff thinks of everything, and it is a well-oiled machine after 100+ years. Camp does a phenomenal job of taking care of new campers and making them feel at home. It runs so smoothly because it is well thought out, and they are here to make it the BEST SUMMER EVER for your daughter!