What Do You Do All Year? Ellen-Anne Edition.

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Our fall series continues today as we’re asking Ellen-Anne the million dollar Camp Director question: “so what do you actually do all year?”

We’ve all heard it a million (and one!) times, so this fall we’re taking you behind the curtain and showing you exactly what our team does to keep this place running. We’ve talked to Jimboy and Laura so far, and now EA is in the hot seat. Read on to hear about what your favorite Program Director’s role looks like when you’re not around!

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Describe in a few words what your role at camp is during the off-season.

During the off season, I get the privilege of hiring our staff for the coming summer! The moment camp wraps up, I start updating our applications, thinking through staff goals and ways to improve, and begin coming up with our fall recruiting plan with Cat.

I also get to brainstorm new programs, how to improve old ones, and any facility updates that go along with. You will often find me dropping into JBs office in the morning with my cup of coffee to check in on projects and update him on how staffing is going. Camp might be quiet - but the office is a cozy place to work in the off season!

What are some things that are on your work-list every week?

Interviews, ACA accreditation, writing contracts, brainstorming program, facility updates, and a whole lot of other things! Each month, I have things that I need to check off the off-season list so that I can make sure that I am not falling behind and that I am pacing myself to get everything done before the summer!

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What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

The moment I get home I am bombarded by a VERY lively dog camp dog, Baker, and the sweetest little 3 year old, Harboe. They usually meet me at my car for a post-work hug. Else is often in tow with James…reunited and it feels so good!

As a family we are ALWAYS outside. Doesn’t matter the temp, we bundle up and get that fresh air. We love hiking, playing in the creek, throwing the ball for Baker, going to the playground with Murphy, and as of late, a post-work fire outside. I have been reading some great books this year…so that’s been fun! JB and JF talked me into reading Dune and I am loving it!

We also love food in our house - so lots of cooking, meal prepping and snacking :) My goal is to make everything in Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by the end of this year.

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Any other rhythms you make time for throughout the year?

We have two long standing traditions in our house. Family dinner on Sunday night with my parents and sister, Nancy. And every other Tuesday we have sibling night, where we cook together and then watch a movie. Right now, Nancy, James, and I are making our way through the Marvel movies. WHO KNEW it was such a commitment (23 movies in all!).

How would YOU answer the question “What do you do all year?”

HAH - great question. Always changing! Always fun. Very hard to explain to strangers.

How does one put a job description together when some days you are in the office, and then some you are dancing on stage, wrangling the stray snake, and painting lines on the softball field?

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