What Do You Do All Year? Jimboy Edition.

We bet every camp director has heard this question a time or two, and it makes sense! When someone hears you have a summer-focussed job, the obvious next thought is: “so… what do you actually do the rest of the year?” Enter this Blog series, where we’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes to see what our directors’ lives look like when the temperatures start to drop. First up: Jimboy!

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Describe in a few words what your role at camp is during the off-season.

My role at camp is a very simple one… I make sure that it keeps going! This involves a lot of very simple routines (go to office, pay the bills, talk to people, check the facilities, and daydream about things we can do to improve the camp experience). It is a wonderful life, one that most people would envy. I have spent almost all of my life at camp… physically, socially, mentally, spiritually connected to this place. The more time I spend here, the better I am able to run things… camp itself is the inspiration.

What are some things that are on your work-list every week?

My work list involves a lot of fairly routine items… things like going through the mail, paying bills, confirming bank transactions, talking to insurance agents, meeting with the accountant, filing tax reports, updating procedures and policies, and meeting with the maintenance director and the head staff.

Of all these things, I most enjoy meeting with our team members… that is when most of the great ideas arise for the upcoming summer. We discuss facility improvements, changes to the camp schedule, and staff applications. What I like doing more than anything is walking around the camp… It is always an inspiration!

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What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I love sitting by the fire with a dog by my side as I read the paper or a good book. I just finished Frank Herbert’s Dune (for the third time) and can’t wait for the movie that will be released on October 27th. I also love watching TV (just started The Crown on Netflix) and cooking (last night I made a great shrimp scampi).

Doctor Margaret and I are together most of the time and have a lot of fun. We are joined by John a lot of the time and JF whenever he is able. We also get together with my siblings (Katie and Stuart) a lot and I hang out with my friends John John (who is living at camp for a few months) and Starr (who has a restaurant in Flat Rock).

Any other rhythms you make time for throughout the year?

I enjoy going to church (we are members of a great local church and do virtual church if unable to attend). I WANT to enjoy exercise, but struggle with that one! I enjoy mountain biking (a local ride park is very convenient and fun to ride with JF). I enjoy the animals of camp (routinely visit the chickens, goats, sheep, cows, horses, and pigs).

How would YOU answer the question “What do you do all year?”

It’s hard to explain!