The Evolution of Greystone Food

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Today we’re diving deep into one of our favorite topics and yours: camp food! Even if you were last at camp decades ago, we bet you can remember that dessert you always hoped for, or the food you tried for the first time, or how we celebrated Banquet with a feast. Camp memories are so often food memories!

That was why we wrote a big article on camp food and the Greystone Kitchen for our 2020 Digital Alumnae Sparks.

If you hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet, it is a must-save! We’re telling you all about the cooks of the past, how the Kitchen Staff program came together, and the steps we’re taking to become more local, healthy, and sustainable today. Click through for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how we compost, why we went nut-free, and how our favorite food traditions got started. So why not whip up your favorite camp meal and raise a fork to toast the history that has made us who we are!

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