Meet the Winners of Our Photo and Video Contest

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Way back in July (remember July?), we launched our big 2020 Camp Photo and Video Contest, and it is finally time to announce our winners!

We sorted through over a hundred entries from campers, staff, and alumnae from their time at Greystone. Each photo and video represented a sweet memory from camp and choosing just one was impossible… so we have two winners from our photo category!

Scroll down to meet our winners (and of course, honorable mentions), and see their entries. T-205 days until we can be clicking away and capturing new memories again!

Video Winner:

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Name: Lilly

From: Winter Park, FL

Session: Main Camp

The story: I have made a couple of videos with my memories from camp, and my go pro is one of my favorite things to take to camp. When I get home one of my favorite things to do is watch the footage I took over the summer through and pick out my favorite moments to put into a video. The video I made for the last summer I chose to use “I like to be with me when I’m with you” by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors because I LOVE that song, and love a good Drew or Ellie song in general. My favorite part about making these videos is that when I’m feeling camp sick or missing my amazing camp friends, I can watch the video as many times as I want!

Why we loved it: We loved the way Lilly timed her clips to perfectly go along with the song’s lyrics. But mostly? Watching her video feels like going to camp with her! The joy and fun of camp comes through so clearly.

Photo Winner 1:

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Name: Camille

From: Birmingham, AL

Session: Main Camp

The story: I took this picture at Corn Roast during Main Camp 2018 on the party barge. We took a cabin ride on the boat and took lots of pictures. It was my first Corn Roast and one of my favorite nights of camp!

Why we loved it: Of course Camille’s picture is gorgeous (that sunset!), but we especially loved the spirit it captured. The messy hair, the crazy camp bracelets, the friends laughing and posing - that is what camp is all about, and what we’ve been missing this year!

Photo Winner 2:

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Name: Alexandra

From: Fort Worth, TX

Session: Main Camp

The story: I bring my polaroid to camp each summer. The TL12 polaroid photo wall started when we took a group photo on Lip Sync night during the 100th Summer, and from that point forward we decided it would be fun to take a photo for most of the EP’s, as well as during random moments, and slowly taped them to Annie’s wall (our counselor) throughout the summer. Once I got back home, I added a few polaroids from prior CG years, and also added a few from a Greystone Reunion this past summer at my home in Texas. It now resides on my wall, keeping a little bit of Greystone with me all year, and I can’t wait to add more pics to it after Main Camp 2021!

Why we loved it: We can all relate to the desire to capture the silly, unexpected moments of camp to be able to look back on later, and we loved Alexandra’s creative take!

Honorable Mentions:

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Taken by: Boo

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