Introducing Our 2020 Camp Photo and Video Contest!

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We take LOTS of photos and videos during the summer ourselves, but there is always something a little more special about the moments our campers and staff capture themselves. It’s the difference of seeing something from the outside, and actually experiencing it!

We’ve always loved seeing the pictures and videos YOU take during the summer, but today we’re making it official! Introducing our 2020 Camp Photo and Video Contest - your chance to show off the photos and videos you’ve taken at Greystone!

What? We want to see your favorite photos or vidoes you’ve taken at camp, simple as that. Scenic shot? Crazy dance party pic? Highlight video from your session? We’ll take it all! If it’s a photo or vidoe that you took, it qualifies.

Who? The contest is open to anyone in our community who has photos or videos to share! Whether you were at camp last year, or 20 years ago, we want to hear from you.

How? Entering is simple: just fill out this form! You can send in as many photos or videos as you like, just fill out a new form for each entry. The contest will close on September 1st, so enter before then! We’ll share the photos and videos we receive over the next year.

Prize? Glad you asked, this is where it gets fun! We’re not giving away the details yet, but the winners will receive a whole prize pack stuffed with camp goodies you can’t get any other way. Trust us, you want to win!

So that’s it - pretty simple, right? We can’t wait to see what you send in!