One Year Later: Our 100th Anniversary Alumnae Reunion

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year (and what a year it’s been!) since our Alumnae Reunion, because the memories are still so fresh.

We could tear up just thinking about how right it felt to have over 600 of our alumnae back together in the bubble. It truly felt like the Spirit was present in every detail, from the weather to the conversations to even the dance parties! Commemorating a century of God’s blessings is no small thing, and we did it big.

Of course we had no idea what the coming year would bring. That we would be quarantined in a pandemic and further away from our camp friends than ever. That Greystone would not open for the first time in its 100 years. How amazing is the Lord, that this was the memory we ended 2019 with? That so many alumnae reconnected right when the world would be so disconnected? Looking back on it now, that time together was even more precious than we realized!

If you’re in the mood to reminisce on the most perfect weekend with us, check out our blog posts recapping the weekend (with lots of pictures of course!), teaching you the recipes we used for those legendary cocktail hours, and highlighting the details that came together to make it so magical.

There’s only so much words can do though - something like this, you just have to see for yourself! Take a few minutes today and watch our reunion highlight video below, as well as the alumnae memories we collected during the weekend. We will keep safely these memories until we meet again, friends!

During the weekend we also opened up an interview station where alumnae could sit down and tell us all about their Greystone memories. We heard from women young and old from all walks of life and areas of the country, and one common thread? Greystone impacted their lives in enormous ways.

We compiled some of the footage here to answer the prompt: “Because of Greystone…” Grab a tissue!

Do you see what we mean when we say it feels almost impossible to sum up this weekend? We gave lots of hugs, caught up with old friends, reminisced about our best memories, ate incredible food, stayed up way to late, and gave God the glory in all of it. It was simply glorious!

Thank you to all of our alumnae who traveled from every corner of the country (and some from outside of it!) to celebrate this milestone birthday with us. Thank you to all of our staff members who poured themselves out all weekend long to make each moment perfect. And thank you to all of you, our Greystone community, for being a part of our history. We can’t wait to see how God is going to bless the next 100!