New Resource: City Facebook Groups

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One of the best parts about our Greystone community? It’s so expansive! We are spread out all over the country (and even the world!)- it’s hard to think of a place where you won’t run into a fellow camp person.

But the problem with being so spread out? How are you supposed to connect with other Greystone families in your area? You know they exist! What if you want to find a Greystone counselor to babysit? Or pick your fellow parents’ brains about how they get to camp for Opening Day? We have heard requests for years for a way to know what other camp families and connections live near you.

Enter our NEW Facebook city groups, the perfect place to connect with camp people in your area. These groups are open to any alumnae, campers, staff, family, or other camp fans in the vicinity - all are welcome! They are the perfect place to ask for recommendations, find babysitters, or arrange meet-ups.

We are launching groups for 12 of our most populated cities, but hope to add more in the future. Come join us there, and invite your friends. Want to request a group for your city? Comment on this post, or email to express your interest.

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