Connecting with Your Camp Community: Loving Your Counselor during the Year

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Last month we talked keeping up with your camp friends and now we’re moving on to one of the most important parts of your camp community - your counselor!

Our staff makes camp what it is. They give up their summer and continually take the lowest place to love and serve each camper they meet. Plus, they’re just a lot of fun!

Remember that counselor that made an impact on you? There’s no one that loves you more, and we bet she’s missing you as much as you’re missing her. She did SO much for you this summer (crafts! tuck ins! classes! oh my!), and now’s your chance to send a little love back her way.

Read on for a little inspiration on how to show your counselor some love this year, and make sure to let us know - how do YOU keep up with your counselor?

  1. Tell her “thank you.” The easiest, best thing you can do for any counselor? Thank her for everything she did this summer! Whether she helped you pass a level, or gave the best devotions at night, she put everything into her time at camp. Just a simple, sincere “thank you for _______” does wonders.
  2. Send her some snail mail. We give you her address in the Green and Gold for a reason - she’d love to get a letter from you! Take a few minutes to pick out a funny card, write her a note, or add her to your Christmas card list. It’s a small step that will keep your connection going through the year.
  3. Make her an exam care package. Look at her college’s website to find out when her exams are, and surprise her with a few treats to get her through her toughest week. Extra points if you include some Beanitos to remind her of camp!
  4. Pray for her. The easiest, best way to love your counselor through the year? Pray for her often! Pray for her school year, her friend group, and maybe even that she would come back to camp next year… nothing is too big for God!
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Resources we love:

  • Greetabl: This mailing service bills itself as “the world’s easiest way to make someone feel special,” and we couldn’t agree more! Pick out your box design (even include pictures from the summer), trinkets, and message and they will take care of the rest. Cost effective and guaranteed to make your counselor feel so loved!
  • Felt: This app lets you easily send custom cards to your favorite counselor, with the click of a button. Use your creativity and even write your message in your own handwriting.
  • Echo Prayer: This sleek app will take your prayer life to the next level. Set reminds to pray for your counselor, and share requests with your whole cabin, so you’re all united in praying for her.
  • Insomnia Cookies: It’s not quite the Greystone kitchen, but Insomnia is located in many college towns, and they will deliver warm cookies to your counselor any time of the day or night. The sweetest surprise!
  • Inkfi: Everyone loves printed photos, but how many of us actually do the work to get them off our phones? Use some of those great camp pictures, and send her magnents, a calendar, or just some fun prints.