How Classes Work - New Camper Blog Series

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We’ve got a BIG blog full of lots of information for you today – new campers get ready! Today, we are going to talk all about how classes are set up and what types of classes that we offer. We have over 70 class options throughout the summer, so narrowing it down can be tricky; just know, we will help you along the way and get you all set for a wonderful summer of classes at Greystone!

First off, the overview of camp classes. Junior campers take 6 classes everyday and will preregister for these classes in the Spring (through your online forms). Our June, Main, and August campers will schedule their classes after parents leave on Opening Day. August campers take 7 classes everyday. June and Main campers take 7 classes on MWF and then 7 classes on TTS, making a total of 14.

Each class lasts for 40 minutes and is full of fun! To get a feel for our schedule, scroll down on our Explore page to check out how a normal day flows.

Now to get into the nitty gritty…

Double periods: We have a few classes that take up two class periods. For example, our Kayaking and Sailing classes are two periods because campers need to walk to Putt Cove (our marina right at our front gate), and it just takes a little longer to get set-up over there. Another example? Our Play Production and Synchronized Swimming classes also take two periods, as girls need the extended time period to really practice.

Age restrictions: Some of our classes are limited by age. This happens for two reasons: 1. To keep the class sizes smaller, 2. For safety reasons. There are very few classes with age restrictions, so you will have plenty of options to try during the summer. Some examples of age restrictions include our Glass Beads and Metal Jewelry (June, Main, and August Camps) are for older girls only, and at August Camp, our Cooking program is offered only to older campers.

Advanced classes: We offer Advanced classes at Main Camp to give our older campers the opportunity to really challenge themselves and grow in their skill sets. These Advanced classes include many of our sports classes, some of our arts classes, our Precision Sports classes, a few of our dance classes, and even some of our drama and music classes. General rule of thumb on taking these? You need to have taken the class at camp for a few years (i.e. Metal Jewelry for 3 years or Sailing for a few years), or you need to compete competitively at home (i.e. Tennis or Basketball). We can help you figure out if the Advanced classes are for you when you arrive at camp.

Seminars: A few of our classes are offered seminar-style, meaning you sign up to take them for one day, missing your regular classes for that day. Our Hiking program (June and Main) is a seminar option; you will leave after Morning Assembly and return by lunch. Aerial Yoga (June, Main, and August) is also a seminar, allowing you to try out the fun silks for the day with your friends.

Extras: We offer two programs that you can add on as extras through your online forms in the spring – Riding and Rafting. We are going to better explain these programs in more detail in just a few weeks as part of our New Camper blogs.

Schedule Changes: Best part about classes at Greystone? If you don’t like something, we will help you change your schedule so you can find the perfect class for you. We have many girls change classes in the first few days of camp and will make sure you know how to switch a class once you arrive.

As far as basics for classes go, you’ve now got the gist. We did a blog post last year on how to choose what classes you want to take, giving suggestions on how best to balance your schedule (one note: we are no longer requiring swimming, so no need to worry about that).

The other good place to look? Check out our more detailed information on our Junior Camp classes and about June, Main, and August classes. You can also find these PDFs on our the main Parents page. These will let you see descriptions of each of the classes, as well as which are double periods, which have age restrictions, and more. You can also check out details about each class so you know what each is like (for example, do you know the difference between High Adventure and High Ropes? Want to know what our class Menagerie entails?) – these detailed PDFs will answer all of your questions.

Have more scheduling questions or need to know more? Comment below or shoot me an email ( We can’t wait to see you some amazing Greystone classes soon!