Sundays - New Camper Blog Series

Hi new campers! Welcome back to our 2nd week of our New Camper Blog series! If you missed our walking tour of camp from last week, make sure to check it out. Are you ready for another week of diving into the ins and outs of Greystone?

This week we are going to talk about Sundays at camp. You can find lots of information about what our day-to-day week at camp is typically like (check out our Daily Schedule on this page), but what do we do on Sundays? Let’s find out!

At Junior Camp, Sundays are very similar to other days at camp. Because Sunday is only the 2nd day of camp, and only the first full day of classes, Junior campers dive right into the normal Junior schedule. Campers enjoy a special Morning Assembly time that serves as a church service, and then girls have a blast attending their first day full of activity fun! Girls don’t need to wear a special church dress, as they will go straight to classes; we also don’t wear whites. So, for Junior Camp, a Sunday at Greystone is very similar to any other day.

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What about at our other sessions? Sundays are very different than our typical day.

First off, girls can sleep late – what a treat! You can sleep in until 9 a.m. if you’d like, enjoying the extra amount of rest. However, many campers join us at the track at 8 a.m. for our Stumblers running club. Everyone is invited and encouraged to complete 3 miles (running or walking) in the hour time frame. By completing the Sundays in your session, girls earn a Stumblers t-shirt they can wear with pride. Most of our campers love coming to Stumblers!

Breakfast is different as well – we enjoy a buffet breakfast where we serve sugar cereal, fruit, sweet Georgia muffins, yogurt, and more. Girls eat with their friends or take their food back to their cabins.

After breakfast, we have a longer “getting ready time” as it allows girls to take a good shower, change their sheets (on some Sundays), and really clean the cabin. It’s a nice relaxing time period that many girls enjoy.

At 11 a.m., campers head to Sunday School. Girls enjoy an interactive lesson with their cabin group. After Sunday School, we head to church, where our camp minister shares our Gospel message. We also collect an offering (taken out of your Greystone Store account) where our girls support different ministries connected to our larger community.

After church, we enjoy our big lunch feast! With highly anticipated Sunday rolls and ice cream sundaes for dessert, the meal is special and always marks the end to a great week. Girls then get to enjoy a longer rest hour, allowing everyone to get some extra downtime to recoup from a packed week!

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In the afternoons, we open many fun activities for the campers. Girls can go with their cabin or other friends to the activities. We usually open the pool and waterpark, have sidewalk chalk competitions, enjoy games on the Dining Hall porch, slip and slide down our pageant court, have a very competitive scavenger hunt, and more. Many girls who don’t take swimming or waterpark can then do these activities while they are at camp without having to take them as a specific class.

[Just a side note, sometimes our new campers get confused by the term “free time,” as it is on our schedule everyday in the afternoons after classes, and girls will assume that we open fun activities, much like we do on Sunday afternoons. However, on a daily basis, the after-class free time is really a time to go back to your cabin, take a shower, and help clean-up for the day. This daily free allows you to get ready before dinner and our Evening Program. We only open activities during free time on Sundays.]

After Sunday free time, girls will put on their “whites” (a white tshirt and white shorts), and we enjoy a picnic dinner with cabin groups before enjoying Candy Shoppe, like always. Finally, we end the night with a special Evening Program. We sometimes do Vespers services or Council Fires, two of our more traditional camp events. Other times, we do fun skits and games, ending the night with a short devotion. At Main Camp, we enjoy our Concert Series, where we bring in wonderful musicians for our campers to enjoy.

Sundays are a camper favorite for many reasons, but the change in the pace and schedule help girls recharge and enjoy some down time from the exciting camp schedule. You’ll love spending time with your cabinmates throughout the day! We can’t wait to enjoy a Sunday at Greystone with you!!