Tour of Camp - New Camper Blog Series

Welcome new campers to our very first New Camper Blog series post of the summer! Every week, as we countdown to camp, we will post a new topic that’s specifically geared for our New Campers. We have been doing our New Camper blog series for a few years, so you can check out some of our older posts here, as well. So, let’s get started!

This week, we’re kicking off our blog series with a fun video! Many new campers have spent lots of time on our website, looking at pictures and at our camp map. But nothing beats a walking tour of camp to get a real feel for what Greystone is like. So today, welcome to our first ever Greystone walking tour!

We hope this video helped you get a better feel for what the camp property actually looks and feels like. Once you arrive, you’ll get the lay of the land in no time – Greystone has a very “open” layout, and everyone is willing to help you find your way.

Another great resource for getting a better “inside feel” of camp is our Greystone Dictionary page. We’ve helped better explain what some of the “in the know” camp terms really mean, so you’ve got a leg-up before you even arrive. We are adding new videos and descriptions all the time, so check back often.

Join us next Tuesday for our 2nd post in our new camper series – see you then!