Making the Perfect Schedule - New Camper Blog Series

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Campers look forward to their activities at camp more than just about anything else. We offer so many different classes that it is often hard to narrow down what to take! So how do you make that perfect schedule? This week, as part of our New Camper Blog Series, we are looking at all things activity related!

Junior Campers: At our Junior Camp session, you will pre-register for all of your classes. We do this to make the scheduling process easier and so that Junior Campers can jump quickly into their classes after arriving. If you are a Junior Camper and have not preregistered for your classes, now is the time! Login to your Greystone account and fill out the Daily Class Activities sign up form (due May 1!). You can find out more about all of the classes offered at Junior by checking out our Junior activitiy descriptions.

June, Main, and August Campers: At all of our longer sessions, campers will register for their classes after settling in on Opening Day. Your cabin counselor will have a list of classes that are offered and will help you to make the perfect schedule. Before lunch on Opening Day, cabins will go together to our scheduling station to get all signed up for their activities. We love scheduling on Opening Day, as it allows girls in each cabin to talk about classes they might want to take together. It also allows for all of our campers to ask questions and learn more about the classes before signing up.

Even though we don’t schedule until Opening Day, we do have some pointers on how to make the perfect schedule once you arrive at camp:

  • Check out our list of activities offered this summer. This list will also tell you the age-range (if there is one) for each activity as well as if it is only offered at certain sessions. This is a great place to start, looking at all the different classes available. You will also want to check out the Explore section of our website, as we have fun videos highlighting many of our classes.
  • Find a good balance of active and more relaxing activities. It is good to take a variety of classes while you are here. You may love sports, but if you only take sports classes, chances are you are going to be worn out by the end of the first week! Mixing up your classes helps so your day isn’t too busy or too relaxed.
  • Find a good balance of wet and dry activities. Many girls will try to lump their wet activities together, so they don’t have to keep changing in and out of their bathing suits. For example, girls may take swimming lessons, then canoeing, then kayaking, and then finish up with Waterpark, putting all wet activities in a row.
  • You don’t want to run all over camp! We have a beautiful and very large camp facility. You don’t want to be running from one side of camp to the other all day long! It will wear you out and make you feel like you’re racing to the next thing. We have a great camp map on our Explore page, and your counselor will help with this when you’re working on your schedule. Just keep this tidbit in the back for your mind when you think of scheduling.
  • If you don’t like it, you can change it. This is the best news – if you sign up for a class and just don’t like it after going the first time, no big deal! We will help you find a new class that you will love.
  • Swimming is required for 1st – 4th graders. If your daughter is attending June, Main, or August camps, she is required to take swimming, unless you opt her out of it. To do that, just fill out our form, and we will let her counselor know before Opening Day.
  • Make sure to register for Riding and Rafting. If you are wanting to sign up for Riding (all sessions) or Rafting (June and Main), make sure to fill out your form by May 1 by logging into your Greystone account.

So what do you need to do before coming to camp? Really, not much. Take a look at the classes we are offering so you have a sense of your options. Besides that, your counselor will help you with the rest when you arrive on Opening Day.

Have more Scheduling questions? Comment below! See you next week for more New Camper fun!