Camp-Inspired School Lunches

By this point in the Fall, you’re back in the routine of school and sports practices and homework. The glow of new pencils has started to wear off and your bagged lunch routine might be feeling a litle blah.

Never fear! Camp-inspiration here to jazz up your lunchboxes and make lunch your favoite period again.

  1. Have your own Apple Cart. Just because Laura doesn’t come around at your school doesn’t mean you still can’t have that mid-morning snack! Pack yourself an apple or other piece of fruit (Peach Cart, anyone?) to have at the same time each morning. Extra points if you pack it beside an ice pack so that it stays nice and crisp, just like at camp!
  2. Bring taco-in-a-bag. Introduce your whole class to a camp favorite by packing a small bag of Fritos along with your go-to taco toppings. Simplify your packing by going ahead and mixing all the toppings up. When the lunch bell rings, just open your Frito bag and pour the toppings in - don’t forget to shake! Want to get really crazy? Check out these Taco Pop Tarts!
  3. OCP… that travels! Brighten up any school day with your favorite camp dessert. Since no one wants to travel with a whole pie in their bag, try out these Oreo Cream Bars. Bring extras - everyone will want to be your friend with these in your bag!
  4. BLT’s… enough said! Our top-rated meal this summer by far was the classic Greystone BLT, and for good reason! Try yours with real Greystone Bread and make sure to top with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese - just like at camp!
  5. Easy homemade pizza rolls. While your rolls might not come from multiple different continents like our pizza in the summer, you can think back to pizza night at camp with these easy pizza rolls!
  6. Beanitos > any other chips. Switch out your usual lunchbox chips for Beanitos for some extra protein, and an instant trip back to your ice hut days! (cheese sticks work too!)
  7. Always include some veggies (and ranch!) While you may not have a full salad bar, you can mimic how well we eat at camp by mixing up the vegetables you pack. Try a different one every week, or challenge yourself to get one at the grocery that you have never tried before. And remember, anything tastes better with that ranch we love so much at camp!
  8. End with a sweet treat. Give yourself something to look forward to by packing something sweet to end your meal (that you don’t even have to trade your bread board for!). For a taste of camp, try homemade rice crispie treats or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.