Alumnae Sparks Online!

Hey Greystone Alumnae! Did you receive your Alumane Sparks in the mail before Christmas? If not, make sure to check out our online version today so that you can relive your camper days! Here are some highlights from our 2015 issue:

  1. We explain Greystone’s newest camp tradition - the DMC. Know what that means? It’s the new “in” thing at camp.
  2. Did you enjoy riding and horses while you were here? You’ll definitely want to read about our new riding director and improved barn program.
  3. Miss singing Greystone songs? Check out the origins of some of your favorite Greystone tunes.
  4. Fine Arts - then and now. What arts did you enjoy when you were a camper?
  5. The 2015 Alum Reunion - fun pictures, great times, and lots of celebration.
  6. Catherine Miller (Jimboy & Margaret’s oldest daughter) has joined the year-round crew and gives you the ins and outs of what it is like being a counselor at camp these days.
  7. The Great Day Fund update - with a $20,000 scholarship boost from the Alum Reunion!
  8. Looking to come back to camp sometime soon? Junior camp just might be for you. Find out about being a counselor at our 1-week session.
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We are only 4 years away from our 100th Anniversary at Greystone. Can you believe it?! As we mention in the Sparks, make sure that your information is correct in our system (it is how you will receive an Alum Sparks in the mail, if you didn’t get one!), or e-mail Catherine ( if you are having any trouble.

We would also love any 100th Anniversary ideas that you might have as we are beginning to plan our celebration. Send any ideas to Laura (