August Camp

To be placed on the wait list please complete a camper application with a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. If you choose to be on more than one wait list we will only charge one deposit fee.

All wait list campers are placed on the wait list by session, grade, and application date. A camper is classified by the grade that she will have just completed prior to the summer she is applying for — not the rising grade.

We know that the uncertainty of the wait list is inconvenient, so we work hard to be very transparent with the process. Movement on the wait list generally begins in September and continues throughout the spring depending on how many enrolled campers change their summer plans. We will do our best to offer your daughter a spot at August Camp within one to two years.

At any time you may request your daughter to be removed from the wait list and receive a full deposit refund. You will be notified if a spot becomes available for your daughter.

The wait list is updated every two weeks.


Call Diane Culler, our Admissions Director at 828-693-3182. Off-season hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Wait List

We're currently rolling our wait list over to the 2019 sessions.

Check back to view the wait list in a few weeks.

Check your daughter's grade:

Name Application Date
G. Denenburg 4/23/2019 K
B. Wolf 5/8/2019 K
L. Olasky 5/16/2019 K
A. Hill 5/23/2019 K
H. Chamberlain 5/30/2019 K
C. Dean 6/4/2018 1st
E. Byers 6/6/2018 1st
E. Anderson 6/18/2018 1st
H. Shaw 7/1/2018 1st
F. Carr 7/15/2018 1st
M. Stanzel 7/27/2018 1st
A. Weidenmiller 8/7/2018 1st
C. Harmeling 8/8/2018 1st
H. Rabb 9/6/2018 1st
C. Culp 10/9/2018 1st
A. Spence 10/18/2018 1st
C. Kennett 10/18/2018 1st
E. Layton 10/30/2018 1st
S. Ishee 11/27/2018 1st
M. Murtagh 2/11/2019 1st
L. Renshaw 2/25/2019 1st
L. Albergotti 2/25/2019 1st
M. Robison 2/28/2019 1st
G. Eaton 3/2/2019 1st
C. Fulenwider 3/6/2019 1st
L. Hughes 3/28/2019 1st
L. Gentry 4/2/2019 1st
A. Griffin 4/3/2019 1st
K. Czajkowski 4/9/2019 1st
C. Parrish 4/18/2019 1st
E. Culp 4/21/2019 1st
G. Long 4/28/2018 2nd
E. Lehman 5/9/2018 2nd
S. Horstman 6/30/2018 2nd
R. Ottenbreit 7/5/2018 2nd
C. Walsh 7/6/2018 2nd
A. Schneider 7/19/2018 2nd
M. Gilbert 7/31/2018 2nd
A. Schilpp 8/7/2018 2nd
S. Fowler 8/23/2018 2nd
E. Woodward 9/5/2018 2nd
A. Marvin 9/7/2018 2nd
H. Fulenwider 10/14/2018 2nd
O. Westover 10/24/2018 2nd
M. Neugebauer 12/10/2018 2nd
R. Fixel 1/24/2019 2nd
A. Mims 2/9/2019 2nd
H. Butler 2/14/2019 2nd
J. Butler 2/14/2019 2nd
C. Ganjian 3/10/2019 2nd
M. Eddy 4/16/2019 2nd
C. Walton 5/8/2019 2nd
V. Chambless 5/9/2019 2nd
L. Alden 6/27/2018 3rd
H. Reichel 7/11/2018 3rd
M. DenHerder 7/15/2018 3rd
E. Whitaker 7/15/2018 3rd
J. Anderson 7/17/2018 3rd
A. Powell 7/22/2018 3rd
S. Dunn 7/27/2018 3rd
B. Townsend 8/5/2018 3rd
M. Webb 8/9/2018 3rd
C. Mulcahy 8/27/2018 3rd
Y. Harper 9/6/2018 3rd
G. Carrier 9/17/2018 3rd
E. Watson 10/9/2018 3rd
C. Barshied 10/15/2018 3rd
S. Smith 11/1/2018 3rd
L. Snoddy 11/11/2018 3rd
L. Ivancevic 12/6/2018 3rd
A. Bissonnette 2/21/2019 3rd
H. Schutz 3/23/2019 3rd
C. Crystal 3/26/2019 3rd
C. Dixon 4/8/2019 3rd
M. O'Shea 4/9/2019 3rd
N. Blackburn 4/17/2019 3rd
E. Pharr 4/17/2019 3rd
S. Lyles 5/17/2019 3rd
L. Carmichael 5/18/2019 3rd
H. Brannan 5/22/2019 3rd
A. Frigon 7/10/2018 4th
J. Carr 7/15/2018 4th
L. Culp 8/1/2018 4th
E. Schilpp 8/7/2018 4th
K. Cribbs 8/8/2018 4th
R. Golden 8/29/2018 4th
H. Hayes 8/31/2018 4th
K. Phillips 8/31/2018 4th
M. Thomas 8/31/2018 4th
E. Simpson 9/1/2018 4th
E. Shackelford 9/16/2018 4th
C. Duhon 9/20/2018 4th
C. Smith 9/24/2018 4th
S. Gosslee 10/9/2018 4th
L. Payonk 10/10/2018 4th
A. Barshied 10/15/2018 4th
K. Voorhees 11/5/2018 4th
A. Harper 11/9/2018 4th
A. Sutton 11/23/2018 4th
I. Miller 1/30/2019 4th
M. Kilburn 2/11/2019 4th
M. Schutz 3/23/2019 4th
L. Carlson 4/16/2019 4th
C. Cannon 4/20/2019 4th
K. Culp 4/21/2019 4th
E. Kessel 4/24/2019 4th
L. Griner 5/1/2019 4th
G. Fuller 5/4/2019 4th
E. Somar 5/5/2019 4th
R. McKeown 5/9/2019 4th
R. Hendee 5/15/2019 4th
E. Laszewski 5/17/2019 4th
S. Teague 5/22/2019 4th
L. Hill 5/23/2019 4th
K. Sally 6/18/2018 5th
L. Pronger 6/24/2018 5th
S. McDade 7/28/2018 5th
E. Babka 8/5/2018 5th
E. Fowler 8/20/2018 5th
V. Gaston 8/27/2018 5th
M. Parikh 8/27/2018 5th
K. Frank 8/27/2018 5th
C. Sanderson 8/31/2018 5th
I. Cranford 9/1/2018 5th
J. McNeilly 9/2/2018 5th
I. Vallini 9/6/2018 5th
M. Farley 9/7/2018 5th
M. Hyde 9/25/2018 5th
C. Gardner 10/2/2018 5th
L. Wells 10/8/2018 5th
M. Hale 11/8/2018 5th
S. Nichols 12/7/2018 5th
L. Tobias 12/20/2018 5th
E. Moss 1/23/2019 5th
A. McMillen 1/28/2019 5th
C. McMillen 1/28/2019 5th
M. Goodwin 3/13/2019 5th
O. Billingsley 3/15/2019 5th
B. Banner 3/22/2019 5th
N. Dixon 4/8/2019 5th
L. Azqueta 5/8/2019 5th
A. Peavy 5/17/2019 5th
C. Valluzzo 7/31/2018 6th
C. Valentine 8/6/2018 6th
R. Burtschy 8/17/2018 6th
K. Davis 8/20/2018 6th
J. Cates 8/27/2018 6th
J. Cates 8/27/2018 6th
G. Golden 8/29/2018 6th
S. Fishman 8/31/2018 6th
D. Iuzzolino 9/1/2018 6th
C. Lynch 11/6/2018 6th
M. Tafel 1/18/2019 6th
M. Spinner 1/28/2019 6th
E. Eising 2/28/2019 6th
H. Pettys 4/24/2019 6th
A. Schreeder 5/10/2019 6th

Last updated 5/30/2019

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