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Madison Miller

University of Alabama

1st year on staff

Hi yall! I am a junior at the University of Alabama! I am a criminal justice major with a cyber criminology minor. I am planning on attending Highlands College after I graduate UA. I am super excited to experience camp greystone and can’t wait to make new friends! I absolutely love traveling and being outdoors! so can’t wait to see what God does in my life while at camp this year!

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬

Personal Interests: Traveling, rowing, dogs, playing cards, being outside, going on adventures

When I have an hour of free time, I like to… Hang out with friends or have quiet time

Something you wouldn’t guess about me: I’m a criminal justice major and was on an alpine downhill ski team

The one thing that makes any day better: Being in my Bible or cake

My go-to pump up song: Countdown by Beyoncé

The best book I’ve read this year: Single, Dating, Engaged, Married

My guilty pleasure: cream cheese

The most famous person I’ve met is… Albert Einstein aka my mom

My favorite cheesy joke: Can February March? No, but April May

I wanted to work at Greystone because… To create great friendships, strength my relationship with God and be a good role model for these girls

The best thing about camp will be… The overall experience