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Alice Ann Hollingsworth

The University of Mississippi

6 years as a camper

1st year on staff

Hey heyyy, I’m Alice Ann! I’m from Jackson, Mississippi, and I’m a freshman at Ole Miss this year. It’s my first year on staff, and I’m super excited to be back in the bubble for the first time in a while! I can’t wait to hang with y’all alllll summer!!!

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act.” Psalm 37:4-5

Personal Interests: I love hanging out with friends, reading, and shopping! I also have a huge celebrity crush on Timothée Chalamet and Little Women is one of my favorite movies!

When I have an hour of free time, I like to… Take a nap, watch Netflix, or call my friends!

Something you wouldn’t guess about me: I love watching shows that are historical/period dramas and I think would prance around in a fancy gown all day if I could.

The one thing that makes any day better: A latte!

Best camp tradition? Vespers

Favorite Evening Program? Lip sync!

The camp food I can’t wait to eat is… Biscuits and gravy

Item that I MUST bring to Camp with me: A hugeee comforter!

My go-to pump up song: Rodin’ solo by Jason Derulo

The best book I’ve read this year: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

My guilty pleasure: Eating too much Ice cream 100%

The most famous person I’ve met is… Timothée Chalamet (I think it’s a long story) you’ll have to ask me about it!

I wanted to work at Greystone because… Camp holds a special place in my heart! I’m so excited to meet all of you and to serve the Lord this summer in the best place ever!

The best thing about camp will be.., Breakfast club!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻