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Any COVID updates needed for our 2022 summer will be sent out in the spring before camp.

This summer, we plan for girls to enjoy long stretches of time mask-free! As girls will be outside the majority of the time, and staying with their cabin Family groups, we will ask girls to keep a mask in their bags, pulling it out to wear only when needed (such as inside the Health Hut or standing in a line with people from different Family groups). If campers would prefer to wear a mask, they are still welcome to do so.

Types of Masks

  • Campers need to bring 10 double-layer cloth masks or gaiters to camp this summer.
  • These masks or gaiters need to be well-fitting and labeled with your camper’s name. The CDC gives recommendations on the types of masks to wear; please make sure your daughter’s masks meet these criteria when you are selecting the type of mask to send to camp.
  • Alternatively, campers can bring a large box of appropriately-sized disposable surgical masks. If you are interested in this disposable option, please send at least two masks for each day of camp so that your daughter has enough.
  • Consider sending a lanyard or clip for your daughter’s masks, if she wants to wear them daily, so that she doesn’t lose them. A clip to hook the mask to a backpack or her camp nametag would work well.

At our longer sessions, we will wash camper masks with the camper laundry each week.