6 Reasons Why You Will Never Regret Your Summers as a Camp Counselor

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As the summer gets closer, our hiring season is starting to wrap up for the year, which means we are having lots of conversations with future counselors about the incredible impact and experience of working at Greystone.

College students, we know you’re pulled in so many directions and face so many pressures as you make your summer work decisions, but if you ask us, (or our former staff!), there is no better use of your time than spending it working as a camp counselor.

Are you still on the fence about your summer? Do you know someone who is? Share this post with them as some food for thought! We are still hiring for some final positions for our counselor team, and we would love to talk to you if you want a meaningful, growth-filled, fun summer. Have questions or want to talk more about what joining us at Greystone would look like for you? Just reach out - we’d love to hear from you!

Camp growth is faster, deeper, and wider than growth in any other job.

You will gain skills by your second week here that would take a year to learn in another role! Greystone staff learn by doing and grow by stretching themselves, all while being supported and encouraged in a loving, Christian environment. These are not just camp skills, they are life skills - that’s why employers love hiring camp counselors! Our staff learn to communicate, problem solve, work on a team, and take initiative, all while maintaining a positive attitude. You will leave your summer here as a better leader, more equipped for any jobs you take on in the future!

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Camp introduces you to a network of connections across the country and in all different industries.

Why network through coffee dates from your cubicle when you can build relationships while having this much fun? Greystone has expansive alumnae connections across all different careers, cities, and countries. We connect staff with alumnae during the summer and afterwards, and you would be surprised how many conversations get started by having a summer camp job on your resume. A summer in the bubble can really open doors for years to come!

Each summer on staff is a new experience that builds on the one before it.

One summer is just not enough! Each year as a Greystone staff member gives you new chances to step up as a leader, build on relationships from the year before, and learn more about yourself. Plus, the more we know you in the job, the better and more detailed recommendations we can give (and trust us - we write a good rec!). Ready for a new challenge? You can even make your counselor job into an internship!

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Camp friendships are unlike any other, and in a world that is increasingly isolated, anxious, and lonely, we need those connections more than ever!

Friendships happen quickly on staff for so many reasons. We live every part of life together, support each other through the highs and the lows, laugh together, and share the ultimate common goal of loving God and loving the campers. Friendships like these, where you feel known and loved and valued, are becoming harder to find, but they are the norm at camp. Camp friends are friends for life, and that goes for staff friendships as well!

Camp is the reset we all need during our college years and beyond.

We call Greystone a “bubble” for a reason! At home, our lives are so often defined by stress and striving and technology over-stimulation. Here we can set down our phones, soak up the fresh air, and just be present with the people around us, all for the glory of God. The secret of Greystone is unselfishness, and on staff, we all adopt a posture of putting others before ourselves, striving to live out the Honor Code in our community. This is a taste of heaven, of the life we were created to live, and it can fill you back up before another year of school.

You have the rest of your life to work that corporate job. Don’t miss out on the joy of your counselor years by trying to grow up too fast!

Did we mention that this job is really fun? Our counselors laugh hard, dance harder, and spend their days remembering the joy and freedom of being young. You don’t have anything to prove here! You might find yourself trying a new activity, rolling down the hill for fun, or performing an act on stage that you wouldn’t be caught dead doing in the real world. Your college summers are limited, but those memories stay with you forever! Don’t you want to take advantage of the opportunity?