Catch up with our 2023 Dog Camp dogs!

We LOVE our puppies here at Greystone, and this summer’s litter was no exception! We had a mix of breeds that made for the perfect, fun-loving, spunky group of all-boy puppies (!!!). Named after the reboot of Topgun; Rooster, Maverick, IceMan, Bob, Sunny, and Goose made for the sweetest (and most mischievious) rat-pack of puppies at camp to date!

They have the most amazing families and are living the sweetest lives post camp! Here is a gimpse of a few of their day-to-day routines for the not-so-little pups of summer 2023!

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  • Camp Name: Maverick
  • Name now: Maverick
  • Weight: 85lbs
  • Favorite things to do: play with toys & go on long walks
  • Favorite treat: apples
  • Favorite way to cause mischief: dragging out all the toys & hiding them in the couch!
  • Any new tricks? Catching a treat in the air and knowing how to lay down!
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  • Camp Name: Bob
  • Name now: Bob!
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Favorite things to do: Go on walks, snuggle, go to the office with Dad
  • Favorite treat: Dog treats are ok, but greatly prefers socks, even though they don’t agree with him!
  • Favorite way to cause mischief: The socks…
  • Any new tricks: Barking at the dogs on TV and that super fluffy one in the mirror!
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Hoagie (Rooster)

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  • Name: Rooster
  • Name now: Hoagie (like a sandwich)
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Favorite things to do: play with his brother Harvey, go running on our family farm and he loves to put one paw on your shoulder while you pet him
  • Favorite treat: yellow peppers and frozen peaches
  • Favorite way to cause mischief: he steals toys from his older brother and then they chase each other around the house
  • Any new tricks: when you scratch the left side of his face, his mouth goes up and down and he gets an “Elvis lip” as we call it! Also he can jump really high into a big truck bed!!!

We love our sweet Hoagie!!!

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  • Camp Name: Goose
  • Name now: Goose
  • Weight: 67 lbs
  • Favorite things to do: fetch tennis balls, hikes, watch animals on tv
  • Favorite treat: Trader Joes peanut butter treats
  • Favorite way to cause mischief: sneaks sticks/pinecones into the house, hiding them in his mouth until he drops them by his bed; he also likes to sneak off with the girls’ slides/sandals
  • Any new tricks? Not really… loves to play fetch
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Bear (Iceman)

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  • Camp Name: Iceman
  • Name now: Bear
  • Weight: 85lbs
  • Favorite things to do: Dig up our yard, cuddle, and eat the kid’s toys!
  • Favorite treat: Bath toys…of the dinosaur variety :)
  • Favorite way to cause mischief: See above - hah!
  • Any new tricks? Really great at sitting and doing nothing (never when asked..clearly). But in all seriousness - his best attribute is his love for out kids!
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  • Camp Name: Sunny
  • Name now: Sunny Camper Cooper (still goes by Sunny)
  • Weight: HUGE - maybe 75 pounds by now
  • Favorite things to do: Sunny loves Charlotte Cooper. He sleeps in her room, follows her around, and loves to ride to school for pickup. He knows no personal space…Sunny will be right up on top of whomever catches his eye. He carries at least one, often 2, toys in his mouth everywhere he goes, and loves being outside, going on walks and playing with his 2 sister dogs.
  • Favorite treat: Anything with peanut butter
  • Favorite way to cause mischief: The basket of dish towels sits low in the kitchen. Sunny feels very proud of himself when he picks out a new, clean towel to carry around the house.
  • Any new tricks? Sunny rings a bell when he wants to go out. If we don’t listen he will ring it constantly until we fold. He still squeaks when he yawns, which isn’t a trick, but we love it.