Join Us TODAY for Greystone T-Shirt Day

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Our first-annual Greystone t-shirt day is TODAY, and you are invited to join us in sporting your favorite Greystone tee out in the real world!

There are few things that Greystone Girls love more than a good t-shirt. Camp shirts have become currency around here, and whether it’s from Stumblers, Carnival, or a theme EP, Greystone shirts are always a go-to in our drawers.

To celebrate that love, we’re starting a new holiday, and you are invited to join!

So put on your favorite Greystone t-shirt today, and tag us in a photo on your Instagram stories or send us a DM. We will be sharing all of your favorite Greystone shirts on our Stories all day long!

Need a bit of T-Shirt Day inspo?

  • Coordinate your favorite shirt from this summer with your cabin and Facetime each other to catch up!
  • Share some of your Greystone T-shirts with your family and have everyone dress up.
  • Play Reveille or your favorite Morning Assembly songs as you’re getting ready to really get into the camp spirit!
  • Have a pet? Put them in one of your Greystone shirts so they can celebrate too.
  • Dig out your favorite “Wildlife Wednesday” or “Taco Cat Tuesday” shirt and rep that instead!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Greystone T-Shirt Day, we hope you can take the time to enjoy your favorite memories and get excited for this coming summer. We are counting down the days until the start of summer 2024!