Internships at Camp!

Internships are new to Greystone, and we could not be more excited about how they have grown into a new program for our staff. Being a camp counselor pushes you to grow in so many facets professionally, but sometimes the job can be hard to explain. We understand the pressures of college and the need to beef up your resume, and we are so proud that our staff can now do both during the summer! This past summer, we had some FABULOUS interns that are excited to share a little more about their experience! Enjoy!

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Sustainability Internship with Cara Johnson

It is not an overstatement to say my internship at Greystone was a turning point in my academic and professional career. I went in with a passion and scope, and came out with a wealth of knowledge from directors across camp, a more refined curiosity, and a focus for the next year of my graduate coursework, research, and professional project. While I had experience in Sustainability Initiatives, narrowing my concentration to energy conservation and efficiency was new to me. Exploring your dreams and taking risks in a new field is extremely exciting when you’re surrounded by an extensive support system like camp. Knowing that there are so many people praying for you and genuinely eager to see you succeed by making the space for you to try, make mistakes, and learn is what interning at camp affords you!

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Business Administration Internship with Evie Barrett

  • What internship did you complete at Camp? I worked as a business intern! I created a system to track expenses within Excel.
  • How much ownership did you have in the experience? I had a lot of ownership - I talked with Camp before coming, and was able to design it to fit all of my needs!! I was also able to create something that I would have never been able to create if I was at a “normal” job.
  • What was your biggest takeaway? Honestly, my biggest takeaways were not internship related. The joy and love I found with my campers far outweighed any Excel model I built. The internship Greystone made for me made it possible to experience that joy. If you are on the fence about camp because you aren’t sure that you can grow professionally, you can - I accomplished so much professionally but also got to play with my campers (shout out TU2!). It was truly invaluable. You can’t get that anywhere else.
  • Has your internship with Greystone translated to college and/or your career job? My internship with Greystone helped so much. I was able to build skills in Excel that helped me both in my classes and in my preparation for investment banking! No matter what career you are pursuing, Greystone can help you create an internship that will prepare you!
  • Did you receive credit for your internship? I did not, but it is listed on my resume and in almost every interview, the interviewer inquires about it. It is a great way to show initiative and make a tangible change, and you can use those characteristics to market yourself in any interview for any sector.
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Marketing Internship with Catie Meanor

The summer after your freshman year of college, a lot of former campers make the choice to spend the summer at camp. Having previously completed a skip year, the choice was clear - I wanted to come work at camp! It is the summers after, where you start to question and ask yourself if you need that “real world” internship in order to build that resume and ultimately get that job offer.

During the summer of 2022, I got to do both. I was able to participate in program, love on a cabin of girls, lead clubs, and have an internship. I got to look at camp from a different angle with a marketing lens, and be opened up to a different side of camp. I brainstormed t-shirt and sticker designs, analyzed social media platforms, came up with content to post throughout the off season, researched ways to improve our following, recruit staff, and so much more. I was in an environment where I felt comfortable to make mistakes and grow from them. I was given clear structure to guide me, but enough freedom to be creative. The internship was exactly what I wanted and needed. How unique and special is it to have an internship that is specifically catered to what you are interested in and what you want to learn while spending the summer at camp. Having an internship at camp is truly whatever you want to make of it and one of the best decisions I have made.

If you are thinking about coming back to camp, do it. You will never regret a summer in the bubble. Being able to blend a summer in the mountains with that “real world” internship was truly one of my greatest blessings. You only have so many summers in the bubble, and so you should take advantage of as many as you can. It will always be worth it!

If you are interested in partnering with Greystone’s Internship program this summer, check out our Internship Page for more information!