Introducing the 2023 Camp Photo and Video Contest

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We’ve done some fun reminiscing this month on our latest greatest summer ever, and by now it’s safe to say that 2023 was one for the history books! There’s so much more we’ll share, but we figured it was about time to see the summer through your eyes.

That’s right - our camp photo and video contest is back, and this is your opportunity to share your favorite memories with the whole Greystone community!

We want to see the sunset you can’t believe you caught on camera, that cabin moment you’ll never forget, or the pic you took in Photography class that you’re still so proud of. That GoPro video you’ve been editing since Closing Day? Now is the time for it to shine! We’re not looking for perfection here, just authentic pictures and videos that take us back to the Bubble and showcase what camp feels like to you.

Entering the contest is easy: just fill out this form to submit your favorite camp photo or video that you captured from summer 2023. You can submit as many photos or videos as you like; just submit a new form for each piece of content. This contest will close on November 1st, so go ahead and start submitting your faves! The winning photos and videos will be shared, so get ready for your time in the spotlight.

if you have questions or are having trouble submitting your form. We can’t wait to see those photos and videos, Greystone Girls!

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