Welcome New Campers - New Camper Blog Series

Hello new camper families! Today is like Christmas over here at camp as we are kicking off one my favorite new camper traditions - our New Camper Blog series!

My name is Sarah Brown, and I am one of the Directors here at Greystone. One of my favorite jobs at camp is working with YOU, our new camper families. From now until camp, you will be hearing from so many of us as we make sure you’re ready for your very first summer. If you ever need anything, make sure to reach out to us; we are always happy to help!

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And now for the main event…the kick-off of our New Camper Blog series! Every Tuesday until the summer begins, we will dive into a camp-specific topic that we will gear specifically to our new campers and new parents. We hope you’ll read along with us to get a better sense of what camp-life is like so that you’re ready for your first summer at Greystone.

We started our New Camper blog series in 2017, so we now have a BIG archive of past new camper focused articles. If you’re looking to find more details about a specific topic, checking out our archives is a great place to start. Last year, we kicked off our 2022 season with a blog about new camper resources, and it is still a great way to dive into all-things-Greystone. But search around our archives! Just know that some things may have updated slightly since we wrote some of these articles, so just let us know if you have any questions.

Let’s kick off our new camper series this year with a welcome video. We hope you’ll watch this with your daughter so that she knows (even now!) how excited we are to have her and how well we are going to take care of her this summer.

We hope you enjoyed this video, and we look forward to seeing you next week for the next post in our New Camper Blog series!

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