Behind the Scenes: Year-Round Team Fun

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Once the summer wraps up and the days start to slow down here in Tuxedo, our team gets to spend more quality time together! There is nothing we love more than camp, and getting to work with such dear friends makes life even better.

There are so many fun things we enjoy doing together - here are some of our favorites from the fall!

Lunchtime in the Office:

This one is simple! Every day around noon, anyone who is in the office takes a few moments to enjoy our lunch together. The big table in the Lower Office is perfect for this, but we also like taking our lunch outside on pretty days to get a little Vitamin D! Getting to catch up is always a treat, and it leaves us rejuvenated to go back to the workday.

Book Club:

Every year, we have an optional Book Club in the fall and in the spring. We read the book separately and then come together around lunch once a month to discuss what we’re reading and how it impacts our work at Greystone. We try to alternate a Christian book and a more work-focused book! We just finished reading The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, and we’re gearing up to start Unreasonable Hospitality in the spring. Have you read either one? Send us your thoughts - we’d love to hear them!

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Monthly Team Lunches:

Once a month, Jimboy and Dr. Margaret host a year-round staff lunch at their house! This is a great chance for all of our different “teams” to spend time together, update each other on what we’re working on, and enjoy a good meal. Can you tell that we love food?


“Bring Your Own Meat” happens in the early fall while we’re still hosting off-season groups each weekend, and it’s become one of our favorite traditions! Just like it sounds, everyone brings a piece of meat, and we cook together on the outdoor grill while the weather is still nice. Sometimes it’s just some meat and veggies and sometimes we go crazy with butter boards (with homemade butter) and special desserts! It’s “come as you are” and the group is a little different every time, but it’s always fun.


We shared about this one on Instagram recently, but the weekend before Thanksgiving, we host a Friendsgiving in White Hall! We do it potluck style, and this year was the best spread yet. We had homemade empanadas, tamales, a honey baked ham, veggies, homemade cupcakes, and even a turkey-shaped butter sculpture. We’ve got a lot of good cooks on our team, and that really shines on nights like these!

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Hendersonville Food Truck Tour + Trivia:

The most recent thing we did as a team was a Food Truck tour around Hendersonville that ended at a local Trivia spot! Hendersonville has a huge food truck scene, and we love to explore all the fun cuisines. I am proud to tell you that our team was #1 out of 19 teams for the first half of trivia! We did have a decline in the second half but still finished in the top 10. It was fun to work together to solve the questions, even when we got them wrong!

As the year ends, it’s time to start looking forward to more events, both big and small, as we continue to prepare for summer 2024! We are counting down the days until the Dining Hall is filled with campers and our lunches become even more fun! We can’t wait to see you there.

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