2023 Summer Concert Recap and Playlist

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Each Main Camp, we LOVE getting to host different musicians for our summer concert series! Whether we are out on the Pageant Court or in the Pavilion, Greystone Girls love getting to sing and dance together with their cabinmates after a dinner of leftovers and mini pizzas. It is pure joy!

This summer, we got to host four different concerts, each unique in their own way. Keep scrolling to read about our 2023 guests, and make sure to check out our 2023 concert playlist to relive all your favorite memories!

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Cecilia Glenn

Our first artist of the summer was Cecilia Glenn, a former camper and counselor who is now a singer songwriter in Nashville, TN. Cecilia grew up at camp (her father used to be the camp minister!) and worked on staff for several years.

Her concert started out on the Pageant Court before a storm rolled in and we had to run to the Pavilion, but in true Greystone fashion, Cecilia didn’t miss a beat! It was a memorable night and such a treat to have a friend back at Greystone.

Drew and Ellie Holcomb

The second concert of the summer was a surprise appearance from Drew and Ellie! On July 7, “Speak Now” day, no less! Greystone Girls are passionate fans of things they like and they really really love Drew and Ellie. From Morning Assembly dances to Ellie’s songs, to Ellie’s devotion book “Fighting Words” that is loved by both campers and counselors, and all of their music on our iPods, Greystone loves The Holcombs and their music and ministry!

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Christian Hip Hop - a genre never before seen at camp, yet now we can’t imagine life without it. Peabod brought the energy and party to his Pavilion concert. Girls were crowd surfing, “moshing,” and singing along to his catchy tunes all night long. Peabod even wove in an engagement story or two, making it the perfect concert evening. His music is fun and upbeat; it’s worth the listen!

The Business

If you want a band that will get a crowd of all ages up and dancing, The Business is the band for you! They are another camper favorite that has quickly becoming a concert series tradition. Covers of our favorite songs are sung until dark, girls dancing in circles with their cabin, konga lines, and cartwheels in every direction. There is something special about an evening with your cabinmates, singing the classics and just being able to enjoy this place- the beauty of the lake, summer sunsets, and quality time with good people. It made for a perfect end to our 2023 concert series!

Do you have suggestions for future summer concerts? to send them our way! And in the meantime, put on this concert recap playlist to take yourself back to summer nights on the Pageant Court. We’ll see you there!

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