New Classes of Summer 2023!

Since 2019, we have been anxiously waiting to run a fully normal program post-Covid, and this year we were able to! For the summer of 2023, we made the intentional decision to roll out some new programming never seen at Greystone before! After careful planning and some fun brainstorming, we were able to come up with 8 new classes for our campers to enjoy!

To our delight, these classes took flight with new staff, fun content, and some serious skill building. There was a new program for just about everyone - ranging from the trees to the fine arts center. We are thrilled to announce that all will be returning for the summer of 2024!

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Outdoor Skills

Outdoor Skills quickly become one of the summer’s best new classes! With Devan, Tyler, and Scarritt at the helm, girls built a sleep shelter, learned how to cook over the fire, and even dyed fabric with natural dyes found in nature! They had THE coolest program presentation skit (a rap written and performed by the staff), and the class culminated in an overnight experience out on the River Trail.

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Wood Burning came to us as a project that crafts did a few years back, and when dreaming of what we could add to the arts, it felt like a natural addition. This class was located up at the Art Barn and girls woodburned everything from wooden boxes, to leather, to puzzles!

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Slacklining at High Ropes

We have seen Slacklining take over college campuses and camping alike, and felt like this year was our year to give it a go! When campers needed a break from our High Ropes course, Slacklining was a fun alternative and a skill that girls started to build on as the summer progressed!

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Tree Climbing at High Adventure

One of our largest facilities upgrades of the summer, Tree Climbing took High Adventure by storm! With the most breathtaking views in camp, campers got to scale a tree and repel down with minimal assistance. A new favorite in our adventure programming!

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Crafts REMIX

Taught by the wonderful Jennifer Hastings (a local artist here in Hendersonville), our girls learned to felt, dye, stitch and so much more. Our goal for this class was to spark a joy and appreciation for textiles, all while learning a new skill!

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Camp Crafts

Campers have been asking for this for years, and this summer, we made it happen! Camp Crafts was a class geared towards getting back to the basics. Focusing on friendship bracelets, beading, and lanyards, this class was something the girls could take with them wherever!

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Putt Cove Fun

What started off as a dream to start a paddle boarding class, quickly became a reality because of the one and only Jimboy! The man, the myth, the legend had a vision for Putt Cove, and boy did he deliver! Once the renovation was completed, we KNEW we needed a fun, chill, accessible class for the space. Enter: Putt Cove Fun. Full of relaxing, swimming, paddleboarding, and more…Putt Cove Fun was the chill vibe we had all been dreaming about! We are so excited for this class to stick for years to come!

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Born out of a love that started during our 2021 summer, we decided to make it official by adding Pickleball to our Landsports quiver. As you can imagine, the fastest growing sport in the US is now taking camp by storm and we are excited to say that in the summer of 2024, Pickleball will be offered all day, everyday!