How to Grow in Your Faith this Year

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It can be easy to feel close to God at camp; your days are punctuated by praise songs, prayer, and hearing devotions, all while being surrounded by a loving, Christian community. But what happens when you leave the Bubble? What does it look like to continue to grow spiritually outside of the rhythms and routines of Greystone?

We hear this question from campers and staff all the time, and it’s such a sweet one. Wanting to grow in your faith and stay close to God outside of camp is evidence that He is at work in your life! And that work doesn’t end when you drive out of the gates on Closing Day.

Before we share some specific suggestions, the most important thing we want you to remember is this: the God you know at camp is just as present with you at home as He is at Greystone. He promises to never leave or forsake you; he goes before you and His presence is with you wherever you go. Our attention may stray from Him, but He does not stray from us! The pressure is not on you to find Him at home because He is already there. What a comfort that is!

Knowing that, we can make choices and form habits that turn our eyes upon Him on a daily basis. Growth comes from walking with Him and abiding in Him, trusting that the Lord is at work in your life to make you more like Himself.

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But what does that look like? Our Main Camp Bible teacher (and August Camp Morning Assembly speaker!), Sandi Taylor, gets this question from campers all the time, so we asked for her specific suggestions. This is only the beginning, though. What would you add to this list? Comment on this post or send us a message to let us know how you walk with God outside of camp!

  • We make time for what we value so make a decision that growing in your faith is a priority.
  • Find a church that teaches the gospel and go with your family or a friend and her family weekly or as often as you can.
  • Schedule a time every day to meet with the Lord, and keep it simple by including 2 main things: Bible reading and prayer. There are excellent guides to follow, and I particularly love Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. After that, simply talk to God - you can follow an acronym ACTS: adoration (praising God for who He is), confession (being honest about our sins and failings), thanksgiving (thanking Him for everything in your life) and supplication (asking for what you need and trusting God with the results).
  • Find a local Bible Study and/or youth ministry you can attend and build Christian community there.
  • Stay connected to your camp community by scheduling regular times to talk, pray, and encourage each other in your faith.
  • Memorize and meditate on Scripture - an amazing way to know God better and lower anxiety!
  • Use apps like Dwell and She Reads Truth to stay connected to God through His Word and set your mind on truth throughout the day.
  • Remember that your relationship with the Lord is just that - a relationship - to be developed over the course of your lifetime so don’t get caught up in doing this ‘right,” but rather stay rooted in God’s grace as you grow to know and love Him more each day and rest in His amazing Love for you!
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