Meet Our Summer 2022 Concert Artists (and a Playlist!)

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The summer concert series has become a favorite tradition at Main Camp, and it’s not hard to see why! Picture yourself hanging out on the Pageant Court with your best friends as you watch the sunset over Lake Edith, dancing and singing along to an incredible musician. It’s the definition of dreamy, and we look forward to these Sunday evenings all year long!

This year’s concerts were extra special (there was even a BIG surprise!), and we’re introducing you to the artists today.

Want to go back to the Pageant Court stage with us? We’ve put together a playlist with all of our favorite songs from our summer 2022 musicians. Save it to your Spotify or press play now to relive the joy anytime you want!

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Campbell the Duo

Jervis and Nancy kicked off our 2022 concerts, and it didn’t take long for us to fall head over heels for this fun couple! Their energy was infectious as they shared their own story (yes, including the Greystone Girl favorite, their proposal story!) and how it intertwines with camp. The Pavilion ended up being the perfect spot to dance with our friends and soak up every second. We have a feeling Campbell will be a Greystone fave for years to come!

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Jess Ray

We were back in the Pavilion for a second week to enjoy a night with Jess Ray, and just like before, the location suited Jess and her beautiful vocals perfectly! We always love welcoming a North Carolina local, and Jess’ stories and incredible worship music had every camper swaying along. We’ve tried to book Jess for years, and this concert made it clear that she and her band were worth the wait!

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The Business

Legendary party band The Business was our final Sunday concert of the year - we knew we could leave it to them to close out the series on a high note! They first came to Greystone years ago to perform at Corn Roast, and we’ve had them back every year since. 2021 was the first year they played a Sunday concert, and we may never go back! The pictures tell the story: we danced ALL night long. You can always leave it to The Business to keep our crowd on their feet!

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Ellie Holcomb

That big surprise we mentioned earlier? It was Ellie, and she was the hardest secret to keep! At the beginning of the summer, Jimboy told the campers the sad news that Drew and Ellie wasn’t able to perform a Sunday concert this year… what they didn’t know is that we were able to book her for a SURPRISE Tuesday concert after (another surprise) Do Nothing Day! You should have heard the screams when we announced it.

Everything about this night felt perfect - the weather, the sunset, the custom t-shirts, and of course, Ellie and Drew and their incredible music! We sung along to every word, held up heart-hands, and twirled until we fell down. Drew and Ellie both have been a camper and staff favorites since they first came to Greystone years ago, and every concert just gets better. We love a surprise at Greystone, and this one will go down as one of the sweetest!

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Don’t forget to check out our Summer 2022 Concert playlistto relive every moment with us!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already planning for next summer. Do you have an artist you think would be great for our summer concert series? Let us know in the comments, or shoot us an email. Some of our best concerts have come from your suggestions, and we can’t wait to hear who you’re loving these days!