What Classes Are We Offering this Summer?

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May is here, and that means it’s officially camp-prep time, for us and for you! Greystone families all across the country are packing their trunks, writing their Penpals, and preparing for the summer ahead.

One of the best things to do before Opening Day (especially if you’re a June, Main, or August camper) is to think about what activities you want to take at camp now that our full class lists are out! That’s right - we’ve released them, and you can now check out allof the activities we’re offering at Junior and June/Main/August Camps. We have SO many options - there is truly something for everyone!

Junior Campers will love getting to try out ALL the activities we’re offering at Junior Camp with their cabinmates. It’s the best way to sample a little bit of everything and figure out what you might want to take in the future. We will make your schedule for you - all you need to do is show up ready to try new things and have a lot of fun!

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June, Main, and August Campers, you’ll be picking your own classes again, so start thinking through your perfect schedule! June and Main campers will have a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class schedule, and August Campers will take one set of classes throughout their two weeks. Your counselor will help you and your cabinmates make your schedules on Opening Day, so all you need to do now is look through your options and start dreaming about the classes you want to take!

If you have questions about how activities or scheduling works, just reach out - we would love to talk to you more about it.

No matter which classes you take, you can count on having fun, making new friends, and learning some awesome new skills to take home with you. With activities like these, summer 2022 really is going to be the best one yet - we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Junior Camp Class List

June, Main, and August Camp Class List