The Green and Gold Campcast Episode Three: Competition

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Surprise, it’s Campcast day! Don’t close your screen or save this one for later. If you’ve heard the first two episodes of The Green and Gold Campcast, you know that this is not a download you want to miss!

Episode three ups the intensity… but in a heartfelt, purpose-driven Greystone way of course. We’re delving into all things competition at camp: Odds vs. Evens, the Main Camp Tennis Tournament, and of course, the Carnival dance contest.

So save a few minutes today and come back to Tuxedo to relive the glory (and laughs) of Greystone competition. Games and contests take a different hue here than the rest of the world. Where else do you care about your opponent more than you care about winning? This is a place where growth and goals are the real glory, and community spirit triumphs over all.

It’s unique and special, and we’re celebrating it today! Whether your camp days were full of triumphs and singing your team’s cheer last or you just hoped everyone had fun, you will see yourself in this episode. Rah for Odds, Kiyiyikus, and Hail Greystone Hail forever. This kind of competitive spirit is worth cherishing!