Catch up with the 2021 Dog Camp Puppies!

We LOVE our dog camp dogs, and last summer was no exception! Our 102nd year was filled with 4 of the fluffiest, BIGGEST, and most mild-mannered Doodles yet. We did something a little different last summer, and went with Newfiedoodles - known for their gentle spirits and size! These chocolate bundles of love stole our hearts. Check out where they are now!

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We love our special Greystone pup! Maisy is sweet, loving, social, and big.

Camp Name: Mauve (Junior Camp); Maisy (Remaining Sessions)

Name now: Maisy

Weight: 65 lbs.

Favorite things to do: Play with other dogs, swim, meet new people (she’s very social), go to the beach, ride in the car, go on hikes, and sleep

Favorite treat: Kong treats

Favorite way to cause mischief: digging holes

Any new tricks: She likes to play hide and seek

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Camp Name: Manny

Name now: Manny

Weight: HUGE!

Favorite things to do: Play in creek and play soccer

Favorite treat: Ice cubes

Favorite way to cause mischief: Eat toilet paper!

Any new tricks: Fetch and Tag

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Camp Name: Millie

Name now: still Millie, but often called Millie Bear

Weight: not sure

Favorite things to do: Riding in the car to school with my doggie brother Aspen (English cream retriever) I love the squirrels in my yard.

Favorite treat: Bacon treats and pup cups from Bops ice cream

Favorite way to cause mischief: I can shred anything…lawn chairs, knobs in the car, seatbelts, etc.

Any new tricks? I can open doors :)

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Tux (Miles)

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Hi! My name is Tuxedo aka “Tux” named after my hometown of origin. You might remember me as “Myles.”

I am growing fast these days and nearly 85 pounds! I have a big sister Dolly who has really showed me the ropes down here in Dallas, TX.

Favorite things to do are steal all the toys and keep my family from finding their favorite shoes.

I am really good at landscaping and loving on all of my family especially two campers, Clancy and Charlee.

I cause all kinds of mischief but at the end of the day I just want to snuggle. Hope to see you this summer!

Here I am at home, right after camp!