The Green and Gold Campcast Episode Two: Evening Programs

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Last month we released the first episode of our brand new Greystone podcast, The Green and Gold Campcast, and it felt like Opening Day and bread pudding night all rolled into one! Based on the response we got, we think it’s safe to say that you liked it too, which makes us even more excited to share the second episode today.

We’re releasing episode two: Evening Programs today, and it is a fun one! Join John as he takes you behind-the-scenes of your favorite Greystone events, from Carnival to Lip Syncs to Gameshow to Banquet.

You’ll hear a classic Bill Taylor Talent Show joke, a tearful goodbye from our seniors, the camper Talent Show performance that gave us all chills, and the magical group reactions that happen when we watch a movie together as a camp. Plus, a look at why our 2021 Carnival was extra-perfect. Trust us - you’re going to feel like you are watching on the Pageant Court right along with us!

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Just like any good Evening Program, this podcast has lore, laughter, and a few moments that might just be hard to explain. And in true Campcast fashion, we show how it’s not just about the fun. John says it best in the episode:

“If you’ve ever been a counselor at a camp that really cares about what it does, then you know that the work that goes into events like these is not just a chore, not just fine print on a contract, not just a summer job. It’s about creating joy, about influencing lives, even if that’s in small ways. And events like these allow you to do that - they’re completely worth it.

So take a few minutes today, and join us at Evening Program. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, and you might just shed a tear. Essentially, you’ll come back to Greystone for a few moments and experience all of the whimsy and meaning that comes with it. Share that feeling with a friend in your life today!