Your (and Our!) Favorite Moments from Summer 2022

Plans are already well underway for summer 2023, but we couldn’t let the year end without reflecting one last time on just a few of the magical and memorable moments from our 103rd year.

At camp, we learn to be thankful and looking back at the summer past, we are deeply grateful for you, our camp community! None of these memories would have happened without our campers, staff, parents, and alumnae who love camp just as much as we do and throw themselves into the Bubble year after year.

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So we asked around all of our channels to pull a big list of the greatest moments we can think of from last summer. Our Head Staff, Instagram community, and even campers in their summer surveys all contributed!

We know we’re not hitting everything though, so make sure to comment YOUR favorite memory from Greystone 2022 in the comments. One of the best parts about camp is that we all take something different away from it!

Not done reminiscing yet? We don’t blame you! Check out our Vimeo page for all of our summer 2022 videos. They’re a pretty good way to ring in the new year!

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Just a few of our favorite moments:

  • Tadpole catching by the Fort
  • Jimboy dressing up for Encanto breakfast
  • Fish fry at Fishing
  • Announcing the surprise D&E concert (and the fact that that coincided with Do Nothing Day)
  • Deirdre on stage pulling off “Irish night” last minute due to the rain
  • Newsies!
  • After the lightning strike knocked out our speakers and bugle, it gave us the biggest kick to wake camp up with a speaker in a golf cart and “play” Taps by ringing the bell.
  • Hearing Junior campers scream when they hear “no trash!”
  • Junior Camp Challenge Night
  • Every Mini Talent Show
  • Fancy s’mores on Apple Hill during full-summer staff Orientation
  • The Taco Cat Bonanza
  • Battle of the Bands, particularly the INSANE dance battles at the end!
  • Campers winning Around the World!
  • Picking up 900 cupcakes from Sam’s Club for the Birthday Ball
  • Chicken and Waffle cones at Carnival
  • All the themed (and cheesy and creamy!) meals you can imagine for Bastille Day
  • When we (maybe mistakenly) announced Taylor Swift’s engagement and had the most epic Taylor dance party EVER.
  • The Main Camp Cabin Lip Syncs - those themes were INCREDIBLE.
  • Jimboy and Laura playing the tortilla slap game.
  • Our full summer Orientation graduation and all of the pomp and circumstance that came with it
  • The Business Concert at Main Camp (and all of the crowd-surfing that came with it!)

Camp is full of these whimsical and wild and extravagant moments, but the most meaningful ones are those that are simple: DMCs with friends, skipping arm in arm down the road, or listening to a devotion tucked away in your bunk. We can’t wait for more of these in summer 2023. The countdown is on!