Video Series: Growing in the 4-Fold Way at Greystone

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On Monday, we shared with you a few of the things our campers learned at Greystone last summer. Those lessons ranged from silly to serious and everything in between, but how does this growth happen at camp?

The answer lies in the 4-Fold Way! Rooted in Luke 2:52, we want our campers to grow spiritually, socially, mentally, and physically each summer, and we shape our program around those four areas. We talk about 4-Fold Growth specifically in Breakfast Club, but many campers find that they grow in all four aspects simply by living in our community. Growth happens when you learn a new skill in a class, when you make a new friend walking down the road, or when you’re scared to try something and do it anyway, knowing that you are in a safe and loving place.

4-Fold Growth is so essential, that our 2022 counselor Videographer, Lucy, devoted a whole series to it this summer! She interviewed campers to hear about what this kind of growth actually looks like in their lives at camp, and their answers are not to be missed.

You can watch the videos all together here, but we’re also linking them below. Watch one, or watch them all! They’re sure to remind you of your own growth at camp and why it’s just so special.

Series Introduction

Social Growth: Smiling

Social Growth: Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Physical Growth

Mental Growth: Trying New Things

Spiritual Growth