Introducing the Greystone T-shirt Challenge

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Camp t-shirts have become a bit of a currency around here; nothing makes our campers cheer more than hearing that a shirt giveaway is coming in their mailboxes! But just like everything else at camp, the joy and delight are only part of the purpose.

Camp t-shirts also help our community connect outside of the Bubble. You’ve probably experienced it yourself! You see that signature calligraphy or Carnival shirt from last summer and you bee-line to that girl. You strike up a conversation, you make the camp connection, and a new friendship is born!

We also know that it’s just plain fun to sport your camp gear wherever you go in the world - we feel the same. That is why we’re launching our Greystone T-shirt Challenge where we’re inviting you to show us where your camp shirts take you.

The idea is simple: go somewhere interesting (even in your hometown!) wearing a camp t-shirt, take a photo, and submit it using our form. We’ll be sharing your photos all year long here on the Blog and on our Instagram, so make sure to follow along with us!

Not sure where to start? Pack a camp shirt on your holiday road trip and take pictures along the way. College visits coming up? Wear your Greystone shirt! You don’t even have to leave your zipcode, though. Snap your picture in front of that iconic landmark or your school building.

We can’t wait to see where you rock your Greystone shirts this year! Plus, you never know who you’ll run into or who you might meet when you’re wearing your camp gear. Take us with you on all your adventures this year - are you up for the challenge?