Behind-the-Scenes of Last Summer's Unexpected Hit Class

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We offer over 70 (!) different activities for campers to choose from - everything from Waterpark to Archery to Metal Jewelry to High Adventure. In addition to the classics, every summer we like to try out a few new classes to see what our campers love, and what might stick for coming years.

Last summer at Junior and August Camps, we offered a brand new class, that just so happened to become the talk of Tuxedo in no time at all. Would you believe that this favorite activity wasn’t Dog Camp or Ceramics or Zumba… it was Greystone Traditions! You heard that right - the class our youngest campers LOVED was learning about Greystone’s history and the traditions they now got to be a part of. We were surprised too!

But we really shouldn’t have been shocked - alumna Katherine Robinson took the lead, and she can make anything fun. For our fall Alumnae Sparks, we sat down with Katherine and asked her all the questions about this new class staple. Read on to hear about her first thought when we told her the idea, the location that was a non-negotiable, and which topic totally bombed. Would you have taken this class when you were a camper?

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