The Honor Code: At School

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It is finally September, and while it may not feel like the fall season quite yet, we know it is coming, and we are greatly looking forward to it at camp. School has started, football season has started, pumpkin latte season has hit the coffee chains…it is in the air!

As you’re getting back into the swing of things at home and gearing up for all-things-fall, we wanted to connect some dots for you on how you can take our new Honor Code home with you this year. We rolled out our Honor Code to our campers this summer, and throughout the summer, we loved talking about the different elements in devotions, Morning Assemblies, church services, and more.

To kick off this fall season, we are going to be talking specifically about how to take the Honor Code with you to school. How do you live out these traits and characteristics in your classes, with your friends, and to your teachers? We are giving you some ideas below.

Throughout this school year, we hope that Greystone girls are making a difference by being kind, seeing the good, and taking responsbility for their actions. Join us!

Showing Kindness

I think we talked about kindness more than any other trait this summer, mainly because it was also our theme verse…to “be kind.” So how do you show kindness at school?

  • Smile at everyone. Even in a mask, you can smile with your eyes. Jimboy encourages us to do this at camp, and it is a great thing to take with you to school.
  • Look out for new students. Make sure anyone new has someone to play with on the playground or sit with at lunch.
  • Look out for fellow students who sit by themselves. Ask if they want to join you at the lunch table or in class. Be a friend!
  • Ask questions. One of the best ways to show someone you care about them is to ask questions. Be kind by asking about someone else.
  • Say “thank you.” How often do you think your teacher hears “thank you” at school? I am guessing it is not very much. Be a light with your words of thankfulness.
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Seeing the Good

At school, it is easy to get caught up in the rumor-mills or the latest trends, and often it may make you weary or hesitant about other people. Even with your own friends, it can be easy to assume the worst in a situation instead of the best. How can you see the good this year at school?

  • Think before you respond. If someone hurts your feelings, ask yourself if there is another way of seeing the situation. Maybe you are interpreting something out of context or maybe your friend is feeling insecure. Take the time to think through the options before responding back quickly. Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  • Reframe your mind. Sometimes people are mean to you, and that can be very hurtful. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or thinking the worst, name all of the things you have to be thankful for: your other friends, family, Greystone (and especially Greystone friends!), health, and more. You can even keep a list in your binder to help reframe your perspective when you’re feeling down.
  • Find the good. When a situation isn’t going the way you want, or if a friendship is going sour, you have the ability to find good somewhere else. Seek out friends who make you feel good, look for ways to change or improve a situation…keep focusing on that donut, and not the hole!

Taking Ownership of What I Do

We talk about taking of ownership of our actions quite a bit at camp, and often in many different ways. We talk about keeping your bunk clean for your cabin’s daily inspection and showing up to flag on time to earn points for your team. You take ownership when you help clean up the pickleball courts after playing, instead of leaving trash and paddles on the ground. So, how do you take ownership at school?

  • Say “sorry” when you need to. It’s hard to apologize, but it’s so important, especially when you’ve hurt someone’s feelings. Take responsibility when you’ve done something wrong.
  • Go back and set things right with your teacher. Have you ever gotten in trouble for talking in class or goofing off? If you ever do, when the class is over, hang back and tell your teacher that you’re sorry. It’s very rare for students to take responsibility for the way they acted in class!
  • Keep your eyes open. When you leave your desk in a class, how do you leave it? Is your chair pushed in? Trash picked up? Being aware of your space and how you leave it is a big way to show that you care in your classroom.

What are other ways you can think of to live out our Honor Code at school? Comment below and let us know! A great way to remember to think about the Honor Code is to hang it in your locker or put it in a notebook you use often. You can hang up the version we gave you this summer, or print out a copy to use. We will be posting some other ways to take the Honor Code home with you throughout the fall, so check back in soon!