Which Session Is Right for You in 2022?

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We’re smack in the middle of our Early Bird enrollment period for 2021 campers, and we have already seen SO many of you save your spot for next year! Every registration that comes in makes us do a little happy dance - it means that the countdown can begin until we get to welcome you back to the bubble.

“Early Birding” allows you to enroll in the session of your choice for 2022, whether that’s the one you went to this year, or a whole new adventure! The choice is yours, but what if you’re on the fence? How do you know if it’s time to move on to a new session, or if you should stick with what you know?

There’s no clear formula, but today we’re breaking each session down to help you in the decision. Spoiler alert: each one is great in its own unique way!

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Junior Camp

For girls who have completed 1st-4th grade

This one-week session kick starts our summer in the sweetest way! Junior Camp is perfect for you if you’re trying out Greystone for the first time, or if 7 days just feels right to be away from home. We squeeze all our camp favorites into this short time frame. While many girls progress from Junior Camp to longer sessions, some find that one week is just right for them!

June Camp

For girls who have completed 1st-7th grade

Start your summer with three weeks of camp fun! Many girls think June Camp is the perfect length - long enough to develop deep relationships and grow, but short enough to still allow you a full summer at home. June Campers get to experience most of our best traditions and Evening Programs, and with so many of them being returners, the camp spirit is high from the beginning. June Camp might be for you if you know you love camp and are ready to come for longer, but five weeks feels too long. June Camp is magic!

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Main Camp

For girls who have completed 3rd-11th grade

Main Camp is our flagship session, and our chance to pull out all the stops! The five-week time frame is most reminiscent of Greystone’s original 8-week session, and gives girls the chance to grow in the 4-fold way and leave with life-long memories and friendships. Main Campers LOVE camp, especially the group of Seniors who come back and show everyone else how to do camp well! Main Camp is the best of the best, and is right for you if you’re ready to get the full Greystone experience.

August Camp

For girls who have completed 1st-6th grade

August Camp is a pure delight, and specializes in FUN to end our summer. Many girls think two weeks is just about right, especially as it gives us time to enjoy all of our classic Evening Programs and classes. August Camp always has a great mix of veteran campers and first year girls, so you are sure to find a friend who understands you. This session might be a good fit for you if you’re ready for a step-up from Junior Camp, or if two weeks fits into your family’s summer schedule just right. You can’t go wrong!

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Most of all, we’d encourage you to listen to your daughter and what she feels ready for! Balance that with your school schedule and other summer plans and you’re sure to find the perfect session for your family for 2022.

Still not sure which session is right? Just reach out, we’d be happy to help!

No matter which one you pick, she can start getting excited for fun classes, exciting Evening Programs, and sweet friendships she’ll cherish forever. Here in Tuxedo we’re already starting planning for another Best Summer Ever… we hope to see you there!

Early Bird enrollments close on Monday, August 30th, so don’t delay!