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Camp is in full bloom… flowers grab our eye at every turn and make every moment more beautiful. We have picked a bunch of flowers and put them on the dining hall tables thus transforming the FORT in a wonderful way. Our Stumblers running club will delight in the fields of flowers that they will run through tomorrow morning. Tentalow One and Two delight in the flowers that surround their rock steps. Farm and Garden marvels at the giant sunflowers in the planting beds and the planting beds at Grey Lodge are literally overflowing with dozens of varieties of flowers.

It is as if The Lord is sending us a message… “LOOK around, This has been a beautiful summer”.

We have absolutely loved camp this year and as we approach the last week it is with a familiar sense of nostalgia and deep satisfaction. The constant uncertainty has strengthened our faith as we pray without ceasing over circumstances beyond our control. Our long walk through the “valley of anxiety” might not be over (looks like this virus is not going away) but we are better equipped to shrug it off.

Camp builds resiliance in camper and director alike. We are stronger, better able to handle the challenges while still appreciating the beauty of life no matter the circumstances. Camp is so good!

Today is Challenge Day. We will be doing team competition in our “Neighborhood” classes, getting points in a thousand different ways. The girls are all decked out in their green and gold, the FORT decorated with streamers, and all are awaiting the big announcement at lunch… WHO WON? The screaming is very loud and is slowly exhausting the girls. Rest Hour is going to be very quiet today!

The weather is shifting towards afternoon rain showers… the chance of rain during the afternoon is now 70% and we are hoping that it comes during rest hour. A long rest hour would be just what the doctor ordered!

Counselor Talent was predictably long and predictably delightful last night. The sunsets are getting earlier and earlier as the summer progresses, so now when an EP goes late our outdoor auditorium will be very dark. Last night we did not dismiss till 8:50 and the girls absolutely loved catching fireflies and seeing the twinkle lights in the trees as they walked back to their cabins.

Tonight is Carnival, one of the most anticipated and celebrated EP’s of the summer. We will bring in a massive number of inflatable rides, serve a massive assortment of carnival food, and end it all with a massive dance contest. The girls will get custom T-Shirts to mark the occasion… it is one of those moments that campers have talked about since arriving. It is a GREAT way to cap off a GREAT DAY!

No need for a bunch of words on a day like this, just know that we are doing fine and are REALLY excited about EVERYTHING!

  • Breakfast Truck Drivers Special (homemade biscuits and gravy), David Vining told the joke (Clearly).
  • Lunch Cheesy Chicken
  • Dinner Carnival Food!
  • Weather 78 degree high, partly cloudy, 70% chance of afternoon showers.
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