Kick-off Day for our Fall Book Club!

Today is the day! We are kicking off our Fall Book Club, reading Ellie Holcomb’s Fighting Words together. Are you joining us? We hope so! If you haven’t snagged your book, grab it today!

Here’s a little recap:

  • Start date: Today is the day! November 8 officially kicks off our Book Club, and you can see our entire reading schedule here.
  • Plan: Reading a devotion a day from Fighting Words. We encourage you to really think about what Ellie says, take the time to pray over it, read the verses of Scripture, journal if you feel led, and talk about it with some friends.
  • Finding a group: We encourage you to find some friends to join you as you read along. A group from camp would be so much fun! If you’re a camper, grab some cabinmates and text about what you’re learning.
  • Don’t stress: We hope you’ll follow along with us, but even if you get behind, don’t worry! Jump back in when you can.
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The fun stuff:

We have some exciting things planned throughout the Book Club, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come…

  • Giveaways and Prizes! We love a good giveaway at camp, so throughout our Book Club time, we are planning to WOW our participants with some SWAG. We aren’t going to spill the beans on everything quite yet, but we want to see pictures of you joining us in our Book Club. Whether it is a screenshot of your cabin Zoom as you discuss the book, a picture of you and a friend walking as you talk about the book, or a picture of you holding up your book, make sure to tag us using the hashtag: #cgreadsellie, or email the picture to . We will pick some winners each month. What will you win? Oh, you know, things like Ellie Holcomb sweatshirts, CDs, and even possibly some bigger in-person type prizes (hint, hint) that you don’t want to miss.
  • Weekly encouragement on our Instagram: We will be sharing some encouragement and different highlights from the devotion book on Instagram each week. Follow along and share your thoughts about what stands out to you.
  • Monthly recaps on our blog: Each month, we will touch base on what we’ve read, sharing some camp connections along the way. Read along with us and let us know what you’re learning.

This first week of devotions is so very good. We can’t wait to see what you think as Ellie dives into trusting Jesus even when it is hard, how light overcomes the darkness, and how we can be filled with an abundant measure of God’s love. Time to get reading!

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