Fall Book Club: Fighting Words

This fall, we are excited to bring back our Greystone Book Club. Last year, we hosted our first ever Parent Book Club, and it was so much fun! This year, we are welcoming ALL of our camp community to join us…including our campers!

Here are the details:

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Book: Fighting Words by Ellie Holcomb

If you follow along with us at all, you know how much we LOVE Ellie Holcomb at camp. She has joined us during our Main Camp session for over a decade as one of our Sunday concert musicians, and we think she is the bees knees. We were able to get an early pre-release copy of Fighting Words, and you guys…it is FANTASTIC. Even if you can’t read along with us, treat yourself (and your friends…early Christmas shopping!) to a copy today!

Timeframe: We will begin reading the book together on November 8, 2021 and will read into the new year. There are 100 devotions in Ellie’s book, so we will be reading together for 100 days. But, over the Christmas holidays, we will take a short break. You can find a link to our reading schedule here (so maybe this is a Fall-Winter-Early Spring Book Club?).

The Plan: We want this Book Club to be a great opportunity for you to be in God’s word every day for the next 100 days, and Ellie’s devotions help you to do that. But, with everything going on this year, and as we head into the holidays, we want this Book Club to be easy as possible for everyone.

So what are we going to do? Each week, we will post on Instagram some thoughts from that week’s devotions. So, definitely join us on Instagram, adding in your thoughts and comments as well.

Also, throughout the 100 days, we will post a few blogs to follow-up and connect what we are reading with camp and the lessons we all learn during the summer. Our first of these posts will go live at the beginning of December, so check back on our blog to find these book-connected-to-camp musings. We can’t wait!

Reading Together: One of the very best parts of the Greystone community is that we are a BIG group, so reading together is going to be so encouraging. But also, think about friends who can join you at home or from camp.

  • Are you an alumna reading this post? Reach out to some of your camp friends to see if they want to read along with you. You can text your thoughts or prayers to each other.

  • Are you a parent wanting to join in? Find some friends from church or from school who would like to participate in this simple way of reading God’s word each day. Or, try reading the book as a family, enjoying a devotion in the morning or before bed with your camper.

  • Are you a camper ready to read with us? Perfect! Text some camp friends and read as a group! What better way to reconnect with your camp friends while focusing on one of the MOST important aspects of the camp experience: reading God’s word.

Buy the Book: You can buy Fighting Words on Amazon, or order it straight from Ellie’s website. Snag the Kindle version if you want to read it on the go, and you can even read on the Kindle app without even having a Kindle.

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This is a NO PRESSURE book club; join us for what you can, and don’t worry if you get behind. Jump back in when you catch up, or hold off and start the book at a later date. We just encourage you to snag a book so that you can start reading when you can…and if you can read along with us, even better!

Have any questions? Let us know! Comment below or ; we’re happy to help.

We can’t wait to read with you!