Get to Know Her: Peggy

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Ask anyone what makes camp so special and one of the first answers you’ll hear? The people! The magic of Greystone is in the community that gathers together each summer, and the incredible people who dedicate their time to making camp happen.

Camp truly takes a village, so this spring we want to introduce you to just a few of the faces you’ll see around Tuxedo every year.

First up is someone you know and love - Peggy Thornton! She calls Zirconia home all year ‘round, but in the summers she is the queen of the Fine Arts Center (and just about everyone’s best friend who’s lucky enough to hang with her!). We sat down with her to hear a little more about how she found herself at camp, and why she keeps coming back year after year. Take it away, Peggy!

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  • How did you first learn about Greystone? I first heard about Greystone when I met Katie at a friends supper club in Mt Pleasant. We were thinking of moving to the mountains and so it sparked my interest to meet someone fun like her! I had gone to camp in the same area as Greystone and had always loved that part of NC. We eventually moved to Hendersonville and I contacted Katie. I met with Jimboy and he gave me a job! I taught some craft classes over where Dog Camp is now. We had a garden and also some farm animals there as well. Then the FAC was built and camp created an amazing art center. We moved Crafts over there and added many more classes.
  • What does your role at camp look like now? My role as Art Director is to come up with ideas and projects for the summer. I order supplies and support my counselors with whatever they may need daily. It’s a busy place! I also plant and keep up with the flowers around camp. I love working with the counselors and campers. I stay in touch with many of my counselors long after the summer is over. They are the best! I try to come up with different ideas each summer to keep things new and exciting.
  • Where do you live during the year and what does your life look like when you’re not at camp? I live about a mile from camp so it’s easy for me to go back and forth. When I’m not at camp I’m busy working at home in the yard or going to our little boat house at Lake Summit. I enjoy kayaking and anything to do with the water..
  • Do you have a favorite or special camp memory that sticks out? I have good memories of all the art shows we have had at camp. It’s a time for the girls to show some of their best work and for them to appreciate the workmanship of others. It is amazing to see the talent of so many campers.
  • Why is Greystone special to you? Greystone is special to me because of the relationships that are built there. The Millers and staff work hard to provide a God centered place for these relationships to begin and grow. I’ve met and worked with so many awesome young people. And I have to give a shout out to Ellen Anne for recruiting such an amazing staff every year.
  • Do you have a fun fact or hidden talent? I guess my hidden talent is that I can whistle really loud…makes my dog and children (when they were little) stop in their tracks!
  • Favorite camp food? The salad bar!
  • Favorite Evening Program? The Play production. Mary Ellen orchestrates an amazing production each year and all the back drops etc are created at the FAC.
  • What classes would you love to take? If I could pick a class to take it would be Horseback Riding or trail riding. I’d also enjoy Ropes, Riflery, Archery, ..anything outdoors!
  • Anything else you want to add or say to our campers? I look forward to seeing new faces and old friends each year. Greystone is such a special place because of the beauty that surrounds you and the people you encounter there. We always have something new and exciting going on in the FAC. Come see what new projects and surprises we will have this year!